Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump analysis: He won... now what?

Early in the morning of the disastrous election of 2008, I wrote an analysis of the outcomes and my projections of how badly the wreckage he would cause as he became, without question, the worst president this country has ever known.

I have yet to write an analysis of Trump’s triumph and what that means since I haven’t, as yet, been able to completely wrap my head around it… my month’s long prediction that Trump would win notwithstanding.

Until now.

Obama was easy.  Hillary would have been equally easy, given that she and Obama were like a policy version of Siamese Twins.

Fortunately, our nation and the rest of the world will be spared another 4 years of fringe-left, PC, social engineering insanity by another Administration that just believes us to be “stupid,” if Obamacare architect Jonathan Grubber is to be believed.

Trump will certainly get rid of the vast majority of Obama’s insanity.  Using a different pen and a secure cell phone, unlike #HillBilly’s stupid efforts to destroy our nation’s security with her effort to get rid of the evidence of her criminal conduct as Secretary of State.

The memo to Trump is simple:  Keep your word.

God knows that our local political figures lie like they breathe, regardless of party.  While far too many locally are unaware or unconcerned about the depth of their betrayal, millions of Americans are watching Trump like a hawk, because of the history of politicians screwing us.

Trump has set the bar very high.  He has promised a great many things; those paying attention to this campaign are well aware of what those things are…  Sniveling leftists are whining mightily that their choice lost.  They’re been in the streets, ironically harming those in the areas that supported them the most.

Obama has caused severe damage to about every area of American life imaginable.  Military, domestic, foreign…. You name it, that clueless idiot has damaged or destroyed it.  It will take years or even, perhaps, decades to repair the results of his efforts. 

If Trump manages to pull us out of this nose dive, if the GOP can embrace his policies and successfully learn the difference between policy incompetence; infrastructure incompetence and strategic incompetence; if they can put aside their differences and learn that moving towards the sound of the gunfire is what we do… instead of running away, dividing our forces and allowing others to conquer us, the end of the democrat party as a viable force is looming on the horizon.

If the gutless RINOs in Congress will support our president; implement the right policies and stop acting like cowards in the face of a little leftist name calling, there is no end to what can be accomplished.

I warned from almost the beginning that the only way to defeat Trump was to take his issues away from him by making them the basis for ALL GOP candidacies at the national level.  That would have taken his populist leverage away from him, diluted his message and sunk his voice back into the crowd instead of running away from it like whiny little punks.

Instead, the RINO establishment screamed in horror, lifted up their dresses and ran away.  And we know the outcome.

But Trump is the baseline.  Trump must keep his word.

He must drain the swamp.  He must build the wall.  He must put America back to work, including the millions not showing up in the totally bogus unemployment rate.

He must reduce/eliminate the laws, rules and regulations that have become part and parcel of Obama’s successful effort to set this country back decades.

He must end the insanity of the bizarre constructs of situational equality, such as that practiced in the military. He must continue to be fearless in the face of the hatred that is going to be aimed at him from the oh, so, “inclusive” Nazi’s of the left.

The cowards running Congress… RINO Ryan, Meetch McConnell and the like, must turn their backs on their compliance with the left, whose idea of compromise is limited to “do it our way.”  They must get past the idea that they have to go along to get along.

That is for THEM.  Obama reveled in the idea that elections have consequences.  Well, THIS election certainly has.

But only if those who are SUPPOSED to do the business of the people actually remember who they are and what they’re there for.

If they fail… if Trump fails… the lights will go out on this bright, shining city on the hill… forever.

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