Monday, November 28, 2016

This week's irony: The Jayne's democratian column on "fake news."

C'mon, fam.

THE largest purveyor of "fake news" in the region is now, all of a sudden, COMPLAINING about "fake news?"

Hypocrite, much?

THE two largest scams ever perpetrated against this area were replete with "fake news."

For the icon of fake news, one need look no farther than the late, unlamented, CRC Scam this same despicable cancer on our community did their best to ram down our throats for a decade; trashing anyone opposed to their idiocy and failing to do anything about the multiple illegalities involving that rip off.

A close second was the Lefty Lou jihad against conservatives generally and David Madore particularly.

Nothing Madore did was right.  The constant drum beat of recall when that was impossible was never blunted by stating and restating that there was nothing that took place that would have net the legal standard required.  There was zero effort to hold Steve Stuart accountable for his slander of Madore and Mielke at the commission meeting where he falsely and publicly accused them of violating the sunshine laws... a he lynched them in front of his "storm the Bastille" fringe-left nutter crowd.

Jayne, a total kool aid drinker from the old school, tells us that "fake news is new snake oil for today's gullible public."

Well, that certainly explains the leftist view of many: pure, virgin, snake oil (not to be confused with olive oil) swallowed by the gallon.  Locally, the variety and viscosity of the bovine excrement produced in our democrat daily.

And that's the irony: Jayne condemns "fake news" for one reason only: the outcome of the vote made the rag look like a bunch of idiots.  If the outcome, God Forbid, had gone the other way?

The entirety of Jayne's screed is based on two premises: first, that we are incapable of thinking for ourselves and second, that every single "example" he used was based on and used by the right, therefore when we were wise enough to vote against their favored criminal incompetent, it's because those who supported TRUMP were fooled into voting for him.


I abhorred the thought of voting in another term for Obama based on her obvious criminality, her pathological inability to tell the truth, and her insipid incompetence.

Nationally, the democrat left, in the guise of the fairy tale media matters/ types and their various acolytes were the template for ANY "fake news" operation ongoing.  And these two operations have been ongoing for YEARS, without comment or complaint on the part of this rag.

So... why now?  What's changed?

Well, the left lost.  That's what changed,

The idea that reading a story from a single source or even multiple uncredited sources is enough to move the voter needle to the point of a bad outcome for a candidate is a great way to avoid any responsibility for this outcome and as absurd as actually believing anything Brancaccio writes.

Jayne stands as an example of that he would condemn.  His side lost.  For them, a stunning defeat because they allowed themselves to be deluded into a surety that #Hillbilly had this thing won hands down.  But that's all a part of the fringe-left arrogance that infests us all.

Using Jayne as a local example; that same leftist media bias, as over the top as I've ever seen it right here in our own little area, clearly does not allow for any effort in achieving introspection and ferreting out the many and various ways that the leftist dominated media has been failing us... and failing us for years.

I freely admit that fake news is out there: but I also know that it's on BOTH sides of any equation.  And perhaps, instead of doing their usual one-sided expose' crap, a little self-examination is called for on the part of the leftist propaganda mill known as the Columbian might be in order.

Maybe, just maybe, before this carbuncle on society complains about "fake news" on the part of others, they should get a handle on the "fake news" they pump out whenever anyone opposed to their agenda becomes the subject of their examination... or whenever they oppose... (East County Bridge) or support (The Yakima Millionaires baseball stadium) either a project or a candidate there's no lie they won't print, no exaggeration they won't engage in, no character assassination beyond them.

You would THINK that having gone bankrupt once, they'd get a clue and play it straight.... but nope; that's far too much to expect from these punks with keyboards.

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