Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Sound Transit voters agree to waste $54 billion on the insanity of loot rail.

I'm from Seattle... and Seattle is a GREAT place... to be FROM.

Taxes are insane there... in about every way it's income redistribution at its finest.

I wouldn't be caught dead living there, if for no other reason than the gullibility of the voters on tax issues.

Obviously, the voters have spoken and fortunately, it's not my money, not my circus... not my monkeys.
ST3’s 62 additional miles of light-rail service will cost $54 billion over the 25 years it will take to complete the system. The Ringer quoted an estimate from The Seattle Times that the ultimate cost will be $20,000 per household during those same 25 years.

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That's a great deal more than Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' gas tax/tab fee increase scam hurt us, which is "only" $6000 for each average household here in Clark County with essentially nothing to show for it... and at least these people will have something to point to... even if they don't use it and it changes nothing... for their self-inflicted fiscal rape.

I'm struggling to understand it.  This is a MASSIVE waste of money that will, if history has judged... accomplish absolutely nothing except to enrich the special interests, set up a series of under-funded projects that will make the $54 billion look like a parking ticket by the time these clowns are done screwing these people... and when the system is built... it will make ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE.

The money will be gone: the millionaires/billionaires who own the pols will get even richer and the people, who should know better, will get poorer.

And traffic in the region will continue to get worse, exactly like it has in the Portland area where hundreds of millions of dollars have been vaporized on loot rail... and for what?

BILLIONS have been spent on light rail in the region and those spending the most continue to have among the worst traffic in the country, including both Seattle AND Portland.

So, instead of addressing congestion, these people are going to flush $54 billion to start with... likely $80 billion by the time it's over... directly down the toilet and they will have absolutely nothing to show for it... except increasingly worse traffic.

Stupid is as stupid does.  Clearly.

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