Sunday, November 13, 2016

So: When does this worthless president speak; when does the governor of Oregon and Portland's clueless idiot mayor decide they've had enough?

You know, I'm all about the First Amendment.  I'm actually all about ALL of the Amendments.  And the rest of the Constitution as well.

Those of us who've sworn an oath to protect and defend that document; from all enemies, foreign and domestic; typically are.

As a result, I completely support the right and the ability to protest.

As long as those protesting don't believe their rights somehow are superior to the rights of those impacted by their efforts.

Do not block the streets.  Your right to be heard does not somehow supersede MY right to travel unhindered.

Do not damage property.  Your right to be heard does not give you license to damage and destroy.

Tens of thousands of dollars in property damage.  Tens of thousands in lost time by blockading traffic.  Assaults. Shootings.  Small businesses damaged.  Injuring THE VERY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY SUPPORT THEIR POLITICAL VIEW THE MOST!!!!

This variety of stupidity is clear: do the morons behind these leftists believe they're doing their positions any favors by punishing those who likely supported them the most?

I, personally, wouldn't be caught dead living in Portland or the other local neo-communist city, the city of my birth, Seattle.  And allowing this variety of anarchy as these local city and state governments have allowed it is a symptom of the reasons why.

Meanwhile, Obama sits, silently, in the White House, putting the "lame" into "lame duck," since he certainly approves of the actions of these political thugs much like he sat silently in the face of the other riots his tenure has fostered along with the slaughter of police officers around the country.

So, watching the scum essentially take over the city of Portland night after night, doesn't especially surprise me.  In fact, I was pretty sure those animals would be out there election night when it became clear their neo-communist was going to lose.

The question, then, becomes two-fold: how long are the people of these cities... who I have actually come to pity... going to put up with it?

And how long are the law enforcement leadership of these two states... when they have so many tools available to put an end to it... going to allow this Baltimore riot replay?

The irony of this "we had to destroy the village to save it" idiocy is that by engaging in this stupidity, the Soros types are actually reinforcing the votes of those of us who were wise enough to see Hillary as who she is.

They are turning allies into enemies.  And I actually thank them for that.

Next time you're held up in traffic by these scum, or assaulted by Hillary supporters, or have your business damaged or your car burned... remember: the governments at every level are the ones as responsible as the rioters themselves... and those of you hurt the worst?

You have the government you deserve.

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