Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Rehash of my voting criteria

Here's a quick review of my criteria for political support.

1.  Did you lie to get elected?

Locally, in this election, that would be Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.  Our county clerk, Scott Weber, also lied to get elected, claiming he would eliminate his job as an elected position.  He did nothing to make that happen.

2.  Do you respond to your constituents?

That's also Gas Tax Rivers.

3.  Have you taken any Cowlitz money?

That would be Topper ($40K or so directly and indirectly), Pike, Quiring, McDaniel, Blom, Cleveland

4.  Did you fail to endorse Trump while claiming to be GOP?

That would be Vance, Herrera, Bryant, Miloscia, Rivers, Wilson

5.  Do you have Jim Mains running your campaign if you claim to be a Republican or independent?

That would be Blom, McDaniel, Boldt.

If you engage in any of these, I am not only NOT going to vote for you, I am likely to vote against you.

This is not me urging you to follow my lead.  Each of you have your own criteria... these just happen to be mine.

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