Saturday, November 05, 2016

Local election predictions: dems get hammered by the Trump effect.

The democrats could run a brick for president and their people would vote for her, with rare exception,.

I've seen it before and it's a bipartisan idiocy.  Out utterly worthless, non-functioning, cowardly do-nothing congresswoman is a case in point; the GOP could equally run a brick in the WA03 and it would win.

Herrera is living proof of that.

So, here we go:

Initiatives I believe may pass (But that I sincerely hope to fail):

I-1464 - End Oregon sales tax exemption
I-1491 - the gun grabber initiative
I-1501 - the "SEIU save us from having home health care workers leave the union"initiative
I-735 - The obviously unconstitutional effort to require federal electeds to vote for any effort to end Citizens United.
SJR 8210 - Change redistricting dates.

The advisory votes will likely be repealed, they typically are, but as my state senator has shown, she doesn't give a damn what the people of her district want.

I voted "no" on all of this.


14th District - all, unfortunately, will be reelected.  They all sold us out on the gas tax, particularly King, since the idea to ram it down our throats without a vote was his.

17th District - Harris, Wilson and Kraft.  I, personally, wouldn't elect Wilson to dog catcher, but the Trump effect in a right-leaning district will out.  I'd vote for Hash in a second, but you've got to campaign to win, otherwise you come across like you don't care.  And its going to be close, I'm thinking, between born-again Republican Kim and Kraft, but Kraft wins because of the Trump effect.

18th District - Rivers, Vick and Pike.  I voted against all incumbents: Rivers because she's a liar and has morphed into a politician who doesn't give a damn what her district wants; Vick because he has problems telling the truth as well (6 committees, Brandon?  Like we both didn't know that was a crock?) and Pike because she took money from the Cowlitz Mafia... and that's just the start.  My wife, in all fairness, did not support the decision about Pike.

49th District - Cleveland, Wylie and Topper.  While some have whined about how much money the WEA has poured into Stonier's race (simultaneously remaining silent about the quarter million the Realtors have poured into Blom's RINO race and few know that the Cowlitz Mafia have dropped about $40,000 into Topper's race) the idea here is that Stonier has weaknesses based on her carpet bagging and the fact that, frankly, Topper looks better.  She's got that brainless cheerleader thing going on...

Some, of course, will see that as sexist.  On the contrary, it's a reality and I'm acknowledging it.

County council:  Blom and Quiring.  Most GOP'ers are unaware how much Blom is owned by the Realtors, who dropped around $250,000 on his race so he could join the rubber-stamp majority of the 3 Stooges in the county council.  I'd vote for Harris if for no other reason than I'd rather have a real democrat than the fake RINO variety campaigning for the gig now.

There is, likely, no real difference between Blom and Harris when it would come to their voting record as council member, much like there's no difference between the records of the 3 Stooges and their democrat opponents... essentially, interchangeable.

Blom, of course, is as "Republican" as one of my Spaniels: After the realtors dumping a 1/4 million into his race, Blom is more accurately described as a Realtor county council candidate and not a Republican county council candidate.

The other seat is between Battan and Quiring.  I was going to vote Battan, since Quiring also made bank off the Cowlitz Mafia, but Battan is counting on the RINO vote which will go for him given RINO hatred of conservatives and the result is that I, personally, did not vote.

PD commissioner: Barnes.  I voted against her due to the RINO love-fest between them and Barnes.

There you have it.

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