Friday, October 14, 2016

Still waiting on the democratian: $5000 disappears from 2012 Boldt campaign... and not a peep from the rag.

Look, Lynda Wilson's company full page ad and RINO inclination got her the endorsement; if she knocked over a 7-11 and stole a Slurpee machine the rag wouldn't report it.

But Marc Boldt MAY have committed a felony by unlawfully removing $5000 from his 2012 campaign for his personal use... and the rag says nothing about it?

If any leftist out there even THOUGHT about a PDC complaint against David Madore, it was front page news.  Chuckie Green most recently was allowed to lie about Madore in a complaint, for example, that was rightfully tossed on it's head out the door.

I filed a PDC complaint against Boldt because he made $5000 disappear from his campaign by falsely claiming to repay himself a loan from his campaign that he apparently never made TO his campaign.

The Attorney General's office is looking at this, if the PDC Executive Director is to be believed... but that's neither here nor there:

Where's the rag on all of this?

Why haven't they done a story on this about Boldt?

I think we know why; it's a symptom of the same leftist bias that we see at the national level: a bias they don't even bother to deny any more.

Here's the complaint, by the way:
Ticket Number: 1195
Complainant: Kenny Smith
Respondent: Marc Boldt
Created Date: October 29, 2015
Status of Investigations: Investigation of Possible Violation
Description: Kenny Smith filed a complaint against Marc Boldt, a candidate for Clark County Council Chair in 2015, alleging that he violated RCW 42.17A.235 and .240 by failing to file Monetary Contribution reports (C-3 reports) and Campaign Summary Contribution and Expenditure reports (C-4 reports) disclosing contribution and expenditure activities undertaken during the 2015 election cycle.
On September 1, 2016, Kelly Hinton filed a complaint against the 2012 March Boldt Campaign alleging that Mr. Boldt received a $5,000 loan repayment on August 29, 2012, but that the Campaign failed to file a C-3 report and Schedule L disclosing the initial $5,000 loan from Mr. Boldt made to his campaign.

The complaint filed by Kelly Hinton against Marc Boldt has been combined with the earlier Kenny Smith complaint filed against Mr. Boldt. 
The local democrat daily has a rule.  If they like you, they like you, and you could axe murder a school crossing guard and they wouldn't mention it.

Meanwhile, the PDC has had these complaints and others for over a year... and they remain in limbo... likely until after the election date passes.

Wonder why that is?

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