Monday, October 24, 2016

More of the Jim Mains influence on his puppet, Boldt: Looks like Boldt's finally dumped Herrera.

As I have been telling you, dear Reader, for the past few years, Boldt has completely flipped to the democrat side.

It's the influence of that leftist punk that runs his political life, Jim Mains, of course...  but that's really not what this is about.  Anyone voting for anyone Mains runs is as moronic as Boldt himself: Mains only runs democrats; his two runnin' buddies, Noland Hoshino (Kicked off the local dems Executive Committee for working for Boldt in 2015) and Temple Lentz, leftists all... and their effort to return this county to democrat control, either actual... or de facto, since the outcome is the same.

It goes without saying that I will not only not vote for any Mains' candidate, but I will do all I can to oppose such candidates... like my moron brother-in-law, Council Chair Marc Boldt.

Mains only works with leftists.  He has taken it upon himself to become the local leftist demigod (Outside of Lying Lefty Lou) and work inside the GOP like the cancer he is to restore this county to democrat control, so he can use this example as a stepping stone to his bigger and better things agenda.

But, no... That's not what this is about: What this is about is Boldt endorsing Jim Moeller's congressional run.

What this is about the local scumbag RINOs doing their best to destroy the local party and install their quasi democrat buddies, like that moron Blom.

This is about the Carolyn Crains and the Brent Bogers who think they are SOOOOOOO smart.... and who did their best to convince us my idiot brother-in-law was something his RECORD clearly indicated he was not.

The irony is that Boldt appears to finally be dumping the woman he is mostly responsible for cursing us to begin with.

Boldt getting chummy with Jim Moeller, democrat candidate for Congress, at a Roman Battan fund raiser recently... just another democrat Boldt supports.

Now, it's not terribly surprising that Boldt would roll out to a democrat fund raiser, particularly when the democrat when I went over to the cardboard cutout of a congresswoman's election website to look to see if Boldt was on her endorsement list...  guess what?


I can understand that.  The number of genuine Republicans endorsing her has been shrinking faster than the budgets that Herrera votes for have been growing... and we're only $20 trillion in debt.

So, while *I* wasn't terribly surprised that she wouldn't have such a list, considering how few Republicans would ask to endorse her, I also wasn't surprised that the Jim Mains produced seduction of Boldt to the "dark side" was ongoing... and the RINOs that rammed Boldt down our throat remain utterly silent in the face of the proof that those same RINOs were lying to us all along.

Don't get me wrong: I don't care if you vote democrat or not.  In fact, my ballot, which is going to be RINO free, likely will look like it was filled out by Moeller himself.

The difference though, is huge: the difference is I stand behind my actions.  They're out there.  I tell you all about them while these fake RINO types work behind the scenes, ignoring those who know, because, as I pointed out, they are SOOOOOOO smart.  And, in fact, I'll be voting for Moeller myself, because I would much rather have a real democrat in there than the fake variety we've got now.

I get why Boldt looks like he's dumped Herrera: she's been worthless since her arrival and it just took him a few years to get where I've always been.

Well, that and the Mains hypnosis... which is so bad that it's like Mains is the county chair and Boldt just does what he's told... kinda like the democratian used to portray him back when I was his legislative assistant some 15 to 20 years ago... and they were so sure that he was MY puppet.

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