Friday, October 28, 2016

McCauley proves the insanity of the charter by screwing us... and the Sherrif's Office... with his budget ginzu.

As most reading this know, I loudly opposed the insanity of the Charter as a shill for the bureaucracy taking over local government, among many other scams... has being as undemocratic as Stalin's democratic centralism ever was.

Events have, of course, proven me right as the county council majority and their pet bureaucracy has run roughshod over both the vote and the will of the people of this county.

Now, a proposal has been made by Generalissimo McCauley, head clerk of the county minions, to hammer the Sheriff's budget.

Now, when we need MORE deputies on the street, McCauley, who was never voted into any office, proposes to slash the funding for the Sheriff's operation, putting us all at risk unnecessarily.

Our population continues to expand at an almost geometric rate as refugees from Oregon and California continue to invade.  And instead of keeping the rate of growth as the primary factor in public safety and county government, we get this short-sighted idiocy from McCauley.

The council created this monster and it's time to reign him in.

We do not need a tax increases and we do not need to dip into reserves. We do not need a government that believes us to be stupid making any attempt to jack our taxes up further for their private fiefdom in the face of all of the OTHER tax increases and fee increases and Obamacare increases we're going to have to pay.

What we NEED is for OUR government to cut spending in other areas... including pay raises and layoffs and the like... to not only RESTORE the needed funding to that Sheriff but to INCREASE that funding as their tax revenues and our population increases as well.

The possible closure of the increasingly important Central Precinct is insane.  Only a county council majority that does not care about the security of the rural area of this county would do such a thing.

McCauley reminds me of Ceasar from Planet of the Apes.

Except this time, it's McCauley and the Planet of the Bureaucracy.

The council majority should know better.  They should pay attention to those they would govern and do the right thing for once.

But let's not hold our breath, shall we?

Wouldn't want to suffocate.

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