Friday, October 07, 2016

If Blom gets elected.... who is he going to represent?

There are three primary reasons I oppose Blom:

1.  He's an arrogant jerk.

Months before the primary, I emailed his campaign to ask him a rather simple question:

How, specifically, would you have voted differently than the 3 Stooges?

For quite some time, he ignored the question.  After all, I'm but a mere prospective constituent, he wants to go to work for me... but no need to bother answering me.

And when he did answer, after I nagged him most political cowards, he refused to answer.

Instead, I got the equivalent of a discussion about how a clock works without ever being told the time.

That, of course, told me all I needed to know: he would be voting in lockstep with the other leftists running the council.  In short, that made his vote worthless.

2.  He ran against an established conservative because the RINO's wanted him to.

Not unlike the situation where Rivers went out and recruited Shane Bowman to run against Liz Pike, the local RINO posse rounded him up and put him out there.  Little to no political activity to this point, to be sure, but he wasn't Madore and the RINO hatred runs deep.

I know that this is but a stepping stone for this arrogant putz.  He sees himself doing bigger and better things, no matter how many political bodies he has to climb over to get there... wherever "there" might be.

3.  Fringe-leftist and liar extraordinaire Jimmy Mains is running his campaign.

Mains, who falsely claimed that I was being PAID to oppose my clueless idiot of a brother-in-law, Marc Boldt; would sell his own kids (If he has any) to further the leftist agenda.

So, today, as I was engaging in my hobby of checking out the PDC's, I wasn't terribly surprised to find out that Blom is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Realtors.  He is SO owned, in fact, it's like the 13th Amendment was never ratified.  He's owned like Dred Scott.

The Realtors, in one form or another, have wasted roughly a quarter of a million dollars to get this clown elected.

Why?  What do you think their plans for this putz might be?

If Blom wins, he'll just be another rubber stamp like the rest of the Stooges. 

All of which begs the question: if this clown gets elected... exactly who is he going to represent?

Now, his opponent, who I am voting for since she is not him and I would dive into a vat of boiling acid before I would vote for him, has raised roughly the same amount of money as Blom personally.

Blom has swindled $52,000 or so.  Harris, $54,600.

But Harris has no independent expenditures, you see.

Which makes me wonder: why is Blom so weak that he needs a quarter of a million in special interest money for this campaign?

Is he THAT weak?  So weak that his side has to outspend his opponent 6 or so to 1?

One has to wonder: why is that?  Why is electing him so important to people who don't live here and won't have to put up with his rule?

Things that make ya go "hmmmmm....."

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