Thursday, October 06, 2016

Complaints against Rivers and Boldt under review at the Attorney General's office

Something over a year ago, I filed a complaint against Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers for lying about how much money was in her campaign account by a factor of, well, around $175,000.

In early September, I filed a complaint against my brother-in-law for what appears to be taking $5000 from his campaign funds for his own personal use back during the 2012 campaign cycle.  My complaint was combined with Kenny Smith's complaint of last October, #2678.

AT this point, according to PDC Executive Director Evelyn Lopez, those complaints are at the Attorney General's office for "final review."

We are finalizing both the Boldt and Rivers matters and working with the AG’s office on final review.  


These cases will come to hearing, and you will be notified.  More than that I cannot share while the investigation is open.

It would appear these two may be in serious, serious trouble.

One can only hope.

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