Saturday, October 29, 2016

Another face-shot for Hillary: but will it matter?

Everyone even remotely interested in the political scene is already aware of this:
The question here isn't one of guilt or innocence: Hillary is guilty of so many things that she makes Ma Barker blush.

The FBI, of course, does not need to reopen anything: they already have more than enough to indict and convict this woman.

What we've had is indisputable evidence that she's lied to the FBI, lied to Congress, lied to the courts and, of course, lied to us. Her violations of security protocols are also undeniable.  FBI Director Comey's misapplication of the laws concerning this issue, obvious to even a layman; has damaged the previously (mostly) spotless reputation of the FBI as the final arbiter of law enforcement without concern of political ramification.  The statutes in question are clear: the "reasoning" Comey used to give her a "get out of jail" card simply never passed the straight face test.

Now, it appears Comey is hedging his bet.  Had he stood pat on giving Hillary a pass, his regime at the FBI would have been over January 20, 2017 had, as it was beginning to appear, Trump was going to win this.

She could easily spend the rest of her miserable life in prison, given her rampant illnesses.

But that isn't what this is about.  What this is about is the impact on this election, beyond that of the heads exploding on the left.  The question here is this: will the reopening of this investigation have a large impact.

I understand that roughly 7 million ballots have already been turned in; mine is not among those.  (I always wait until the last day, particularly for situations like the current one to occur: you never know what's going to happen and your vote is forever once it's submitted.)  Thus, those who've already bought into the "vote early" scam (which really, genuinely, has zero advantage to anyone; save for a Hillary type who fears the release of ever-increasing amounts of information which goes to her criminal involvement in various issues;  all votes submitted or postmarked in a timely manner are counted the same if submitted at 7:59 PM on election day or on the very first day ballots are available.) cannot change their votes based on new information.

Thus, at this moment in time, the vast majority of votes are outstanding: perhaps 100 to 130 million more ballots, including those of illegal voters, are yet to be received.

To be a Hillary supporter, of course, is to prove your ignorance: no one in their right mind should (or would) support a criminal with blood on her hands to become or criminal-in-chief.

The fact that anyone, knowing the reality of the combination of Hillary's criminality and incompetence could still support her tends to show not so much any level of political awareness as much as it shows a tendency towards mental illness.

So now, we have a situation where, generally speaking, BOTH sides have supporters who could view their candidates video axe-murdering a girl scout troop and it would make no real difference in their support.

It SHOULDN'T be that way: it's not for me; for example, my ballot looks more like one that Jimmy Moeller might have filled out instead of me.

What candidates do or have done is very telling.  Hillary's record of criminality, incompetence and her "public and private positions" on Wall Street; the blood on her hands... all of those things matter.

All of what Trump has done matters as well.  Hillary has lied about everything from "sniper fire" in Bosnia to Benghazi.  Trump has been the recipient of a carefully orchestrated, completely unproven series of allegations concerning women.

Trump is to blame, if the left and much of the mainstream media is to be believed, for the Democrat National Committee paid-for violence and riots.
In the videos, Scott Foval, the national field director of Americans United for Change, is seen and heard talking about hiring people to attend Trump rallies and start fights. Foval's contract with the Democratic National Committee was terminated Tuesday, CNN reports. 
That the violence was orchestrated and paid for by DEMOCRATS (who, Bernie Sanders would tell you, have a history of "fixing" things) and that blood was spilled as a result SHOULD be an issue to consider for this election...

But will it be?

Both sides are responsible, more or less, for 35% of the vote.  That leaves the increasingly larger number of independent voters (such a myself) in the middle to actually make the call.  And how is that vote breaking?

It's +14 for the GOP.

Independent voters are in no particular hurry to cast their ballots.  I'm one and I hold my ballot until the last minute before I take it to a local middle school ballot drop off box.

The left is whining a great deal about the timing of this move by Comey to save the FBI's... and his own.... reputation.  But if, for some reason, Comey announced he was investigating Trump?

They'd be dancing in the street.

Even before this happened, signs out there, if you looked carefully, were beginning to point to a Trump resurgence.  In the final analysis, this can be extraordinarily harmful to Hillary's hopes, even more so than the mountain of evidence provided by WikiLeaks that the media has mostly buried.

There are roughly 10 days left in this election.  Ten life times.  Ten eons.  Ten light years.

Ten days can be an eternity in politics.  But in a campaign portrayed as close, it is liable to make it even more of a defeat for Hillary Clinton.

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