Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why I oppose Kim Wyman's reelection as Secretary of State

Here's the reality: the last 3 (Including Wyman) secretaries have spent the entirety of their time in office avoiding the issues they can most impact.

They've wanted felons to be able to vote, frankly, because it's too much of a hassle for these people to construct a database of felons to scrub against the voter roles.

So, for the most part, they've been behind some version of letting everyone vote regardless of criminal record.

But they've also been behind some version of letting everyone living here, criminal or illegal or even legal alien vote.

Wyman has done nothing about the sanctity of the vote since she was elected.

No demands from her that this state require proof of citizenship to register.  No demands that this state require identification to cast a ballot.

It's not as bad as Oregon, where they've got a setup where everyone getting a license is automatically registered to vote without proof of anything (The Full Democrat Voter Participation Act) which has resulted in illegal aliens being registered to vote in federal elections.

But it's still bad enough and for that, Wyman has zero excuse.  None.

And while I get that the leftist running against her won't be any better on the issue, I refuse to award misfeasance in office with my vote.

That Wyman COULD have done something about this and chose not to is the thing.  And I've had it.

Lars Larson nails it.

Lars Larson
31 mins ·
Americans consider voting a sacred right of citizens, right? Well, maybe, but our public officials apparently think of it as no big deal. Case in point, the self confessed Washington state mall mass murderer, Arcan Cetin (Arshawn Shatawn)...who shot five people to death last Friday night and then when captured, quickly admitted he was the killer. Police confirm he’s only a permanent resident of the United States...not a citizen. The Washington Secretary of State confirms he’s been a registered voter two years and has cast ballots in three elections. I’ve pointed out for the past two decades that voter registration in Oregon and Washington are ripe for fraud. Online registration, no proof of who you are, no proof of citizenship, and anonymous vote by mail. No way to tell how many tens of thousands of illegal voters may be joining we citizens in November to pick the President, Governors, Senators and lawmakers. But we know Arcan Cetin an illegal voter. Don’t bother Googling the story cause no one’s covering it but me. Cetin announced on Facebook his support for Hillary Clinton. If only he supported Trump...the story might get its due.

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