Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The two requirements for a Brancaccio endorsement: Kiss his ass and/or hate Madore

It's not terribly surprising that Lynda Wilson picked up the endorsement over Tim Probst: after all, she was part of the gang that went ov3er to Lyin' Lefty Lou Brancaccio's house in the RINO Convention earlier this year: and you know that EVERY SINGLE ONE WHO WENT TO THAT SHINDIG WILL GET ENDORSED.

What's it take to get a Lefty endorsement?

1.  Kiss his ass.

There's a variety of ways that can be accomplished.  Sign on full-force to Lefty's agenda, bow and scrape before him, get half blitzed over at his house... any of those things will work.

2.  Hate Madore.

The RINOs that gathered over at Brancaccio's house of ill repute all had three things in common: they lie about their party affiliation, claiming to be Republican when their voting record is typically indecipherable from the left (check out Olson and her buddy Chuckie Green.  If Green had won against Olson, his voting record would mirror hers since we were unfortunate enough to have her elected.) they hate Madore specifically and conservatives generally.

3.  Start running full page ads in the financially crumbling daily democrat newsletter.

I'm sure that the full pages ads I'm hearing DeWils has started running had zero impact on Lefty Lou's desire to keep the checks coming in with the Wilson endorsement.

Local Republicans who are in overt collusion with Clark County liberal establishment to reclaim power for the establishment. Photo taken at at the home of liberal Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio.
Picture of 5 RINOs at Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's house paying homage so he'll be "nice" to them.

Of these people, who did Lefty Lou Brancaccio endorse?

McDaniel, Olson, Wilsons... and he will Boger as long as Brent plays ball.

Paul Harris also got the gig because he hooked up with the "hate-Madore" RINO clique.

Sam Kim, who used to be someone I respected and admired until Chopp bought him for a high 5-figure sum (and let's not remember how awkward it would have been for his fring-left sister, Rep. Cindy Ryu, to explain to her buddies in the Legislature why SHE is a neo-communist and why her brother is a "Republican") got the gig because he's running against Vicki Kraft, and, well, if Madore even talks to a candidate that's reason enough for Lefty to hammer that person.

Columbian Editor Lou Brancaccio and Establishment Republican Brent BogerKim, of course, also had the extra added benefit of running as a dem... and you know how Lefty loves to suck up to THEM, right?

After all, when you're drinkin' buddies, what else can you expect?

Have to wonder: what ever happened to the good old days when Lefty was going to come after Boger in his column of fantasy, lies and fiction until his fellow leftists generally and Betty Sue Morris/Craig Pridemore particularly beat the hell out of Lefty to get him to knock it off.

You all remember that, don't you?

I do.  That was back in the days when Boger was more like a Republican and less like a punk.

It's not unlike my former business partner, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and myself.

One of us has changed.

One of us has found "accommodation" with the various ways they shatter their integrity and roll over... kind of like the "Art of the Deal," so to speak.

And you know what?

It ain't me.

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Sparrowhawk said...

Birds of a feather flock together. Clark County Republicans must start doing a better job of vetting candidates. These clowns should not be aloud to carry the Republican name.