Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The hypocrisy of those supporting that punk, Kaeperpick.

One ponders:

Lets say, instead of engaging in this stupidity which is setting race relations back a decade... instead of showing disrespect for the country that's enabled this punk to become a multi-millionaire... he came out and, say, displayed a Trump bumper-sticker during the National Anthem?

How many of these people screaming "Kaeperpick has that right!" would be saying that Kaeperpick had the right to support Trump?

We already know that answer. For most of these same leftists, the answer would be "zero."  They would, in fact, freak.

But why does he have the right to insult the sacrifice of tens of thousands who've shed their blood to enable this punk to do what he's doing... but not the right to express political support of a candidate if he were of a mind to do so?

You see, the issue isn't Kaeperpick's "rights" of which he has none in this matter, by the way. The issue is the "message."  Leftists who scream Kaeperpick has this "right," ignorantly citing the 1st Amendment (which only restricts GOVERNMENT'S efforts to censor free speech; not the private sector's right to do the same), would cheerfully turn around and suspend the 2nd Amendment without giving it a second thought if they could figure out how to do it..

It's not just the juvenile, idiotic, "look at me" antics of it all... it's also involves the rank hypocrisy of many of those supporting this playground act of a hypocrite who has done NOTHING up to this point to make any difference of any kind...

That's the thing, you see.  It's the rank, disgusting, hypocrisy of it all, the mindless support of the leftist haters who can't think for themselves on a bet.

And as long as the NFL allows this, they'll be allowing it without me.

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