Thursday, September 29, 2016

My response to Lew Waters Reflector LTE.

I don't condemn Rivers for her actions here; they were an accurate reflection of the majority consensus of her district.

I DO, however, condemn her for lying to get elected in 2012.

Sen. Rivers pledged, in writing on her campaign web site, that she would OPPOSE the gas tax and tab fee increases which yolked the people of Clark County with a $700 million bill, $500 million of which went to King County for their various transportation boondoggles.

I also condemn her reasoning for doing so, laid out in a video taken during the 9 January town hall meeting here in Battle Ground and hosted by Mr. Waters on YouTube... since taken down because of her own self-embarrassment.

In this video, we find that even though Rivers gave her word, she felt compelled to ignore her pledge based on what she called a "business decision." Of course, we show a net loss of $500 million as a result, so maybe she should leave the "business" aspects of government alone.

She also told us that had she kept her word, she would be thought of as being a "Pansy." Additionally, she informed us that had she NOT betrayed us on her gas tax vote, our bill would have been $7 BILLION instead of a mere $700 million.

That's absolutely untrue, of course; had she kept her word and voted "no," the tax still would have passed and her integrity would have remained intact.

As it is now, anything she says she's going to do is suspect. Any pledge she makes has to be questioned.

You see, she's found the magic "key" to electoral fraud: claiming her betrayals are a "business decision," she can do anything she wants and not be held accountable for any of it.

This is the video in question that Waters removed because it didn't quite work out the way they planned.

See for yourself.

As a former executive director for the Washington State Republican Party, it is difficult for me to do this, but the reality is that I cannot and will not vote for anyone who views their pledges to us as something they can feel free to ignore whenever the mood strikes.

I will be voting for Eric Holt. I might not agree with Holt's politics, but I believe him to be an honorable man who will keep his word... and not renege based on "business decisions."

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