Monday, September 26, 2016

I won't be watching the debate tonight.

I've made my decision as to who I'm voting for.  Nothing will be said there tonite that won't be repeated and re-repeated time and again.  And there's no word, series of words, organization of words or presentation of words that could ever get me to cast a vote for Clinton.

Most everything Hillary says is going to be a lie.  So why bother to get sucked into the hype?

Clinton supporters will lie about how great she was and how Trump got his butt kicked.  Trump supporters will talk about he kicked Clinton's butt so hard her grand children (Born and unborn) felt it.

The reality here is that few minds will be changed tonight.  If Clinton passes out on the stage (even money THAT happens) we'll see the replay roughly 500 times.

The reality is that I believe Trump has this won.  There's nothing I can do about anything that gets said, and the highlights, such as they may be, will be played over and over and over.

Other things are going on and I'll be tending to that.

So, for all of you watching this verbal football game, enjoy.  I'll pass.

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