Thursday, August 11, 2016

Today's irony post: Brent Boger.

I was struck by the megalomania on the part of the clown who wrote this facebook post.   
Clark County Center-Right
August 3 at 12:59am                                                                                                         
My two takeaways from the election.   
1.  There is a consequence to megalomaniacal behavior in politics.
I suppose they stand as the exception that proves the rule, eh?

And yet Blom was elected anyway... and Boger, deciding he's once again a Republican this week, is now a PCO.
2. The Republican vote was down significantly in Clark County and it was across the board. It was down only slightly, if at all, statewide. Republicans usually run 5-6% better in Clark County than statewide. That number tonight was more like 1%. This can only be explained by the deep divisions caused by the leadership of the local County GOP.
Wait.... what?

Boger and his fellow RINOs come along and attack incumbents, recruiting low lifes like Shane Bowman and John Blom and tools like Jennifer McDaniel to run against Republican incumbents while attacking conservatives in open seats and the low turn out "can only be explained by the deep divisions caused by the leadership of the local County GOP."

You allow yourself to be flattered into kissing the ring of a guy was going to hammer you in an editorial or two until your fellow leftists beat the hell out of him to stop it... you allow yourself to be used like a pair of pliers... you hold none of your buddies accountable for lying to get and stay elected and this is the local leadership's fault?

Seriously?  You, Brent Boger, are blameless in this?  The local leftist-RINO cabal has spotless hands in all of this?

Be a man, Boger.  YOU and your fellow travelers need to take at least SOME responsibility for these outcomes... But then, the way the left is playing you morons does tend to show an astounding lack of awareness in your own, little, delusional universe.

You remind me of the people who lived across the street from Dachau, who swore up and down they had no idea it was a concentration camp.

People in elected positions, properly, ignored your whining about the GOP, having bailed on it whenever the mood struck.

The party blew off your RINO antics and it pissed you off.

Tell you what, stud... why don't you head back to Lefty Lou's place and get blasted on his booze, again.

You are certainly a fine one to talk about "megalomania."  Your idiotic facebook post is the essential example of figures not lying, but liars figuring.


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