Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm voting for Bryant as much as he's voting for Trump as president.

Here's the thing: we discovered by giving the Senate at both the state and national level to the GOP that party is irrelevant.

Would Bryant be a "better" governor? I have my doubts, given his inexplicable, idiotic mistake on Trump here.

But when I look at what the allegedly GOP State Senate has done to us... along with our allegedly GOP County Council... and our allegedly GOP US Senate... I am reaching the point where I'm determining it really doesn't matter who we give the keys to the car to.

They'll still drive it off the cliff.

I'd love to ask Bryant if he would have vetoed the gas tax increase that my own senator lied to us all about to get elected... and which no one gives a damn about as they reelect her... so she can lie some more.

My guess is that he would not have done so.

Help me, then... where does it matter which of these guys is in the office? Why does it matter why Wyman is our SecState? How would any of this be any different?

It's SUPPOSED to matter. But it doesn't seem to make any real difference in the end.

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