Thursday, July 28, 2016

Watching the democrat train wreck.

It's a good day not to be a democrat.

Recent poll numbers and trends suck for the left; and "suck" is likely too tame a descriptor.

Bernie's sell out efforts went as expected both ways; first that he WOULD sell out and second, that many millions of his supporters don't care that he swindled them, and certainly don't care that he caved to Hillary... they are, to a large extent, united in their opposition to the woman that Bernie had been kind of beating the hell out of for the past 18 months or so.

The email dump is killing these guys.  The racism and bigotry the DNC emails expose; the corruption and efforts to rig the election against Bernie... all of these things combined with Hillary's criminal misconduct and lies over both Benghazi and her own email server peccadillo has led to hundreds of empty seats that the DNC is, apparently, PAYING people to sit in as an abortive attempt to make the convention look full...  as fake an effort as the DNC and their plantation mentality has ever done.

Will these numbers hold?

Since the start of the GOP convention (18 Jul) Trump is plus 4.5 in the RCP average.

Since the start of the DNC convention (25 Jul) Clinton is unchanged.

Yes, the DNC soirée is still going on... but every day is becoming another day of disaster for the left.

Hillary can and will claim ignorance.  But the former DNC chair, now a Hillary Co-Chair was working more for Hillary than she was for the DNC.  How could she not have known?

And if the shoe was on the other foot, and there was an email dump that had RNC staff talking about, say, hispanics under the label of "Taco Bowls," we wouldn't here the end of it from the left and their media hounds.

The democrats are operating in a hypocritical alternative universe.  And it's a great day to not be one of them.

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