Friday, July 08, 2016

This is what Obama hath wrought.

The art of bright, shiny object politics:  By Barack Hussein Obama.

Ever since the man took office, in his world, the police are racist bigots who routinely slaughtered blacks for, essentially, sport.

Obama has held the police up as targets on a pistol range.  Following his golden "never allow a crisis to go to waste" garbage, we he engages in hate speech designed to tear down the police and further his efforts at racial division.

You all remember, don't you?  If this... this... thing had a son, he'd be Travon Martin... budding thug, budding gang-banger wannabe.

In an administration built on lies, kept afloat by lies where the President of the United States routinely ignores laws whenever he feels the whim to do so, five police officers were slaughtered last night.

Is he going to their funeral?  Will the White House pay as much attention to the lives of these men as they did to, say, Bowe Berghdal?  Trayvon Martin?  Michael Brown?

Now, the value of government could come to the fore... except it won't.

Now, this punk can come out and tell us how he intends to resolve this issues.

He could, perhaps, lay out his plans to address the divide he worked so diligently to construct.

But he won't.

Because he lacks the first, fricking, clue.

Under his regime, how the hell does anyone remotely think of becoming, or remaining, a police officer?

For those wearing a badge today, you know that many of them now have to explain to their own families why they don't walk in, take their badge off, put it down on their bosses desk and walk away from their profession since there is no acceptable answer to the terrified families begging them to quit.

They cannot care more about the people than the people care about them.  And now, thanks in large part to Obama, it's open season on those who protect and serve.

No, the president did not pull the trigger.

But his racism and bigotry did.

His gross indifference to the slaughter of the police throughout his tenure did.

His disdain for those who keep us safe, both police and the military, did.

His politics of racial divide did.

His silence on blacks slaughtering blacks in, say, Chicago, did.

In so many ways, he has been the worst president this country has ever known.  And at least part of the blood that was spilled last night?

Is on his hands.

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