Thursday, July 21, 2016

The lies of RINO Johnny Blom Chapter 2

The same Realtor PAC scum who worked so hard to get Boldt elected are continuing to falsely portrait RINO Johnny Blom as a conservative.

Starting with this lie:

Lie Number 7 -

This slimeball allegedly will
"...Fight for lower taxes, allowing our businesses to flourish, expand and therefore create more jobs."

Where has RINO Johnny been?

The 3 Stooges have set about to increase our taxes at every turn.  RINO Johnny knows that.  Why has he remained silent?  They have, in fact, increased our property taxes 2% this year.

RINO Johnny?  Silent on that.

WHAT taxes does he plan on lowering?  WHEN?  HOW?

You see, it's not just that he's a liar; but that he's a liar in the Ann Rivers mode.  He will do nothing of substance lower taxes or fees.  To suggest otherwise is a flat-out lie.

Lie Number 8 -
"Push to eliminate burdensome regulations on our businesses by cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy that has plagued Clark County."
I just spit up all over my keyboard.

Again, this guy absolutely is in lockstep with the leftists running the county council... he won't even go through the motions.

WHAT regulations will he eliminate?  WHAT "red tape and bureaucracy?"

His RINO buddies have been running the show since January.  What "red tape" have THEY done away with?  What "burdensome regulations" have they eliminated?

Lie Number 9 -
"Pursue new opportunities for business growth and expansion that will attract new businesses to our community."
You mean by supporting efforts to end the fee holiday for new businesses?

This is the kind of sickening hypocrisy that makes RINO Johnny unfit for elective office

WHAT opportunities?  With who?  When?  He throws a bunch of meaningless words out there, saying absolutely nothing in HIS effort to be David Madore when it comes to business.

Odd, isn't it, that in this piece of crap, he sounds PRECISELY like the guy the RINOs are trying their best to replace.

A vote for RINO Johnny is a vote for an overly ambitious RINO who doesn't give a damn how many bodies he has to step on to get to where he's going.

He represents the absolute, unadulterated worst that politics has to offer.

Be careful who you vote for when it comes to this clown.

You just might get him.  And while that might thrill the politically ignorant and the formerly conservative... for those of us paying the bills?

Not so much.

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