Friday, July 15, 2016

Pondering the election: why do people support who they support?

As I ponder the election... as I frequently do... the question "why" started circulating in my frontal lobe (Or what's left of it).

Why does it matter who runs the show?

Why does it matter who gets elected?

What difference does it make which party has the majority?

Look, I get that we're TOLD it's important... but other than to staffers and the people they work for, who is it importantly TO?

With the GOP controlling Congress.... or for that matter, even our state senate... have things become better somehow as a result?

Not that I can see.  In fact, they've become as bad as that they've replaced.

Years ago, I coined the phrase that both parties want us to go over the cliff.  The only difference is that the dems want to do it at a sprint, while the GOP wants to do it at a trot.

For the most part, those here locally behind this insanity are ALL going to be re-elected.

Our federal debt and taxes will continue to climb.  The fake GOP state senate will continue to engage in their corruption; our state senator will continue to ignore her district and lie about it... particularly when it comes to her "business decisions" because HER judgment, along with the judgment of the rest of the RINOs, is obviously far superior to that of the people she works for.

Yet, we keep electing and reelecting all of the people who make this happen and who keep it happening.


How can anyone support someone for office when those voting know their positions will be ignored?

How do we keep sending people back to DC who are burying us in debt?

Why do we allow people who lie to us to be in charge of government?

How can Americans POSSIBLY be so gullible?

THINK before you vote.

Politicians have stopped making pledges because if they don't make any, they can do whatever they damned well please without any accountability.

I'm reminded again, for what seems like the thousandth time, of Steve Stuart's pathetic explanation of why he voted the way he did... what now seems to be a disease which has infected most all politicians from BOTH sides of the aisle:

(if, for whatever the reason, the video doesn't work (its a link to CVTV, so who knows?) here's the money quote from Stuart at around the 2 hour, 8 minute point:)
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

Think about it.

Look the candidate's web sites over... and you'll see glittering generalities that are designed to make you THINK they're going to do something... when the reality is they're handing you a fist-full of water.

For example, here's the entirety of Ann Rivers' "transportation plan."


Our transportation system is the backbone of our economy and plays a critical role in our quality of life.  Anyone who must travel our freeways to get to work knows that we have significant concerns that must be addressed.
Projects must be prioritized so that those that reduce congestion, increase freight mobility, increase safety, and support economic development are moved forward first.
Voters want assurances that major projects will not become “Christmas Tree Projects”, that pontoons will not sink; that Bertha can drill, and that we can hold government accountable for their actions.  This knowledge guides my actions when it comes to transportation in Olympia.
This equates to a bunch of words that say absolutely nothing.

She lies again, of course: that crap about what "voters want" is utterly meaningless to her: she doesn't give a rat's ass what voters want, or she wouldn't have betrayed us on her gas tax vote.

in 2012, Rivers had this on her website about Transportation:

I PARTICULARLY like this excerpt:

Swell.  She pledged to oppose both gas tax and tab fee increases.

What happened when the time came?

She sold us out.  She hung a $700 MILLION bill around our necks.  And she lied about that as well, claiming that if she had voted "no," it would have cost us $7 BILLION... and that it was just a business decision... her integrity.... her word.... her honor notwithstanding.

Try hanging on to that.

If a candidate  or incumbent lies to you... about anything... even once... then they should not be in office.

If a candidate or incumbent ignores you... even once... then they should not be in office.

If a candidate or incumbent ignores the prevailing sentiment in their district and votes against... or acknowledges that they WILL vote against that sentiment... even once... then they should not be in office.

Imagine, if you will, how much better off we, as a nation, would be if these simple rules were followed when it came to you, the individual voter, marking your ballot.

Not just Rivers, you understand.  But Rivers, Weber, Boldt, Stewart, Olson, Blom, McDaniel... the long list of those claiming GOP allegiance while voting as if Obama were pulling their strings.

Holding elected officials accountable for their acts or their failure to act is the key.

And every time you vote merely because of the letter after the candidate's name, they win.  After all, they really do count on us being stupid.


Dave on the bass Smirk said...

Yes. And when the CCGOP sets up a mechanism to hold our elected official accountable, We are the bad guys! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

david clark said...

I clicked on your video and got asked to sign in.

How do I do that.


Just a guy said...

Initially, Lew Waters put this segment up on YouTube, but since he's now gone full blown RINO over his Madore Butthurt Suyndrome, he made it private... as if I couldn't find some other way for people to review it.

Tsk, tsk.