Saturday, July 30, 2016

People are upset about the low turn out. I'm not: here's why.

Wow: turn out is, essentially, non-existent.  Earlier, I heard of a 22% projected level of ballots to be turned in.

That high?

Mine will certainly be one of them.

Why is this happening?

Well, the one thing... the one commonality... is that people no longer believe their votes matter.

As far as that goes, I believe that PEOPLE believe they no longer matter.

Why?  Politics has become a carcinogen that sickens all who touch it.

It is the science of disillusionment.  It is the turbo-charged lie where truth has zero meaning and accountability has become a commodity that has achieved the rarity of finding a diamond in your backyard.

Every campaign turns into a lie-fest.  The ability to discern truth from fiction has become muddled to the point that we EXPECT these people to lie.

Candidates sell out to the dollar at all levels.  For example, now, Cowlitz tribal money will shape the face of those elected because those running cannot resist the lure of their money and the inevitability of their rape.

I make it simple: I won't vote for anyone who takes a dime from them.


Corruption, either actual or moral.

We so expect it that we have no desire to hold those who engage in the practice accountable for their acts.  We're so accustomed to being used, abused, ignored, raped... that we pay it no mind when it happens.

If we pay attention to politics at all, we voters are typically manipulated by the biases of a media and the butthurt into voting for their interests instead of those of the voter.  We become useful tools to those who pull the strings.

Look around.  Congress was universally reviled when the democrats controlled it.

Congress is universally reviled now that the Republicans control it.

With the change in who's running the show... what difference has it made?


Locally, the hatred and division of the GOP plays directly into the hands of the left.  They support this GOP self-immolation; they're urging it, helping it, organizing it and financing it.

Fringe-leftist Jimmy Mains is running many of the RINO campaigns.

Why?  Is he only in it for the money, or is this all a part of a master plan?

He does, however, make it simple: I will always oppose anyone he supports or works for.

The clown running this county circus, for example, is my own brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, who became county chair with 39% of the vote.

We're led by a dull-normal moron put into place by a minority... a constant reminder that what 61% of us wanted... voted for... didn't happen and doesn't matter.

A clueless tool and sell out of the left who has systemically undone what the voters have repeatedly demanded at the polls; he ignores the voters to do Portland's bidding while he deflected the will of the people and laughed at the very idea of giving us a voice on his pet project, the CRC/Loot Rail.

The reality is that the support for this leftist jihad comes primarily from those who wasted $200 million on their scam.

In light of all of this, it's not surprising that turnout is so low.

What's surprising is that we have turnout at all.

Thank about that as you fill out your ballot this election... if you fill it out.

And think about it as long as you live.

Do not reward those who do this to us with your vote.

Take a stand.  Make a mark.

Do not go gentle into that good night.  Do not be manipulated.  Think for yourself... not the way others want you to think.

Pay attention.  Drill down.

Past is prologue... the betrayals of the past by those we've given power to, be they at the highest level (Clinton) or the local level (Boldt and Rivers) are mere harbingers of things to come.

The reality is this: I would rather have 10 people vote their beliefs based on their actual knowledge of the candidates than 10 million sheep voting based only on what they "feel," or what they "think they know."

I would rather you not vote if you base your decision on party, gender, color, religion or sexual orientation as the reasons for doing so.

To that end, I'm amazed as many people are voting now as the numbers actually indicate are bothering to vote.

And it doesn't upset me in the least.


Frank Decker said...

The reality is this: I would rather have 10 people vote their beliefs based on their actual knowledge of the candidates than 10 million sheep voting based only on what they "feel," or what they "think they know."

Unless, of course, you voted for Ron Paul, right Kelly?

Just a guy said...

That includes PaulBots, of course, since their vote wasn't based on any particular reality.

Thanks for dropping by.

Meanwhile, what I wrote stands.