Monday, July 25, 2016

More stupidity from Jim Mains? The moronic McDaniel mailer.

Stupid is as stupid does I guess, but this one takes the cake.

The quotes he made up for Boldt and Rivers on their piece aren't all that bad, besides being out right lies.

The quote by Mr. 39% Boldt (remember, 61% of us wanted someone else to run the show) is this whopper:
"Jennifer knows what the county is and what it is not."
Seriously?  Nothing I've seen shows that.  In fact, this is a sentence of words that are utterly meaningless.
"We are here to serve the citizens, not to control them."
Which explains perfectly why this moron has repealed so many of our votes, jacked our property taxes up 2% and why he so strongly supported the CRC/Loot Rail scam that cost him his commissioner's seat in 2012.

In short, he CLAIMS he doesn't want to "control us," but his record speaks to something entirely different... an arrogance that shows that, like most leftists, he doesn't give a DAMN what the people want.
"That's what Jennifer will do.  I'll be proud to serve with her."
Who knew that Boldt was going to join the Washougal City Council?

And then the Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers endorsement.  (Lousy picture, by the way.)

I TOTALLY get why someone who lied to get elected would be attracted to a fellow RINO.
"Jennifer will be a great County Councilor."
How would "Gas Tax" know?  Has she ever been one?

No, with Gas Tax, the only thing going for her is a mutual Madore hatred.  The way it works, you see, is that any RINO who hates Madore is going to get the gig in Gas Tax's realm.
 "She knows how to work with others for the betterment of the community."
By screwing us more on the CTran Board?  It's a good thing she's working for our "betterment."  I'd HATE to see what she'd do if she was out to shaft us.

Look... these are the kind of leftist lies that we see every day.  Other than the lack of truth in a mailer like this, typical of a Mains product, there's nothing particularly remarkable about it... except who the moron picked to make the statements.

Do you REALLY want to use the endorsement of politicians with proven records of lying and sticking it to us on taxes and fees as someone who's opinion matters on who we should vote for?  Do you REALLY want to use a leftist endorsed by the Young democrats to endorse a fake Republican?

Is THIS the best we can do?  Is this the best SHE could do?

How sad is that?

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