Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is it Pence? And why it shouldn't be.

Much buzz as I write this that Trump has likely picked Mike Pence, Governor from Indiana as his choice for VP.

And that would represent a missed opportunity for him.

The reality is that racial and gender politics is the order of the day.  Trump has the ability to pick someone who can actually help him to not only win the election, but then to run the country once he's won it.

What, for example, does Pence bring to the table besides, possibly, Indiana?

Trump MUST make a selection which acknowledges the unpleasant political reality:  Two old white guys does not an attractive candidacy make.

UNLESS.... one of the old white guys is a former combat general or admiral (preferably general) with ground combat experience in the Middle East.

SOMEONE at the highest echelon MUST be able to read and intrepret intelligence without running it through a political filter first.  And that someone MUST be capable of rapid analysis and recommendation without running it through a committee before it gets to the president.

A General could do that.

Pence can't.

Foreign policy is going to be critical for the indefinite future.  What's his experience in that realm?

How does Pence do anything to draw minority or women voters?

Choosing him does nothing to increase chances of Trump's election.

This, if true, will be the political version of an "own goal."

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