Sunday, May 15, 2016

A democrat filing in the 18th has screwed up the RINO/Bowman plan. Or has it?

From the bizarro zone:

A democrat has filed in the 1-8 to run against Liz Pike.  The dem, Kathy Gillespie, is the prototypical, stereotypical fringe-leftist... almost a sitcom but oh-so-typical of the downtown fringe-left Jimmy Moeller types so favored by the local democrats.

Top-tip to the leftists: the 18th District is among THE most conservative, anti-big-government, anti-tax, pro-life districts in the state.

Insisting on running the female version of Jimmy Moeller just means another loss.

But the female version of Jim Moeller is all they've got TO run... because anyone to the right of Mao will not get any party support.

Just look at the nut jobs they've been running over the past several years.

Now, as the regular reader knows, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers is in full-on hate mode against Rep., Liz Pike.

Pike, a conservative Representative in the same district, opposed much of Rivers' RINO agenda, which included a $700 million bill for the taxpayers of Clark County for the gas tax she had pledged to oppose as a condition of her election, as well as becoming a complete lackey for the pot industry that lied itself into existence by falsely claiming that passing the pot initiative would result in $582 million per year in tax revenue to the state... a figure that has yet to exceed what... $70 million?

So, in a fit of pique, was does Rivers do?

She goes out and recruits Shane Bowman to run against Liz Pike in the upcoming election.

Bowman, in a stunning political bit of idiocy, claims that he should have the job because he SUPPORTED screwing the entire county for $700 million on the gas tax/tab fee jack, a strong-armed robbery that Pike opposed loudly and publicly... thus Rivers' anger.

Rivers has never denied recruiting Bowman; Bowman has acknowledged to some that Rivers recruited him to run against Pike, and the simple solution for Rivers to PROVE she didn't recruit him would be for her to disavow Bowman's candidacy, endorse Pike and hold a fund raiser or two for her... things that will never happen since, after all, Rivers made all of this possible.

That said, even though Bowman's chances were slim... it appears they may have just gotten slimmer... given that, in the state advisory vote on the gas tax increase that Bowman so strongly endorsed ramming down our throats without a vote (a vote that even the leftists in Portland get) the 18th District was a 75% "no" vote... and Pike's reputation as a conservative, government expansion-fighting representative of the people (the exact opposite of Rivers and Bowman) would have made it a spirited fight to be sure... but one that Bowman would likely have lost since the only issue he's got is his rabid support for increasing everyone's taxes... without asking them via vote, first.

The announcement of a WEA lackey siphons off any hope Bowman had of getting the far-left, conservative-hating vote that he was counting on to take out Pike.

This, then, becomes something of a microcosm of the county chair vote: a fake Republican (Boldt) announces as a fake Republican as he gradually moves towards running as a "No Party Preference" to draw the RINO conservative-hater vote... a plan that would have been wildly successful if only the democrats hadn't scraped the bottom of the barrel at the last second in getting a democrat, Dalesandro, to file at the last moment.

Yes, Boldt got 39% of the suckers to vote for him... meaning that 61% of us oppose him... and his tenure has been a disaster of legendary proportions with tax increases, spending sprees and acting as if the will of the people was a waste of his time... much like, for example, he acted during his last tenure as a county commissioner.

Even then, he barely beat out Dalesandro.

So now, the great plan of the RINOs to get rid of another conservative has gone up in smoke.

Or has it?

Will Bowman follow suit in an effort to "Boldt" the election?  Will he suddenly run as a fake Republican?

Will it matter if he does?

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