Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump's inevitability.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not supporting anyone this cycle because, as a resident of this state, I will have no say in this outcome.  This observation is not to be construed as an endorsement.  It is an analysis, nothing more.)

For months, I've been warning, if "warning" is the right word, that the Establishment had only one way available to contain Trump and to neutralize him.

And that was to take his issues away from him and make them the issues of the GOP.

A long time ago (If the year 2000 was a long time ago) Tim Eyman came up with his first initiative, the $30 tab fee/vote on all tax and fee increases, aka I-695.

That is of note here, because naturally, the tax and spend left was dramatically opposed to that effort.
"The world will end as we know it if this passes."

Columbian editorial attacking the effort.
That, of course, is a rhetorical summary of their positions at the time... as that is a rhetorical summary of their positions on just about any tax or fee cutting measure either taken by the county; such as on Councilor David Madore's efforts to cut fees and property taxes here locally and, of course, at the state level where Eyman's latest initiative that would force the legislature to either run a referendum or suffer a 1% cut from the sales tax collected for the state.

The reason this is of note was even now, some 16 years later, I remember KVI host John Carlson's statement concerning the paralysis of the leftist response to this initiative's then record signature collection: the choices available to government were to "... land the plane with the wheels up... or fly it directly into the ground."

You see, state government COULD have offered an alternative to I-695 that may have accomplished the same thing, or close to it, and either implemented such an alternative over time, say a reduction over 5 years in the tab fees, or, they could allow what ultimately happened:  The implementation all at once, as the Legislature took that aspect of the initiative out of the "unconstitutional" can the state supreme court had slammed it into and put it into law as if the court had allowed it into being.

In short, they choose to fly the plane directly into the ground.

Well, the same thing applied... and applies... to Trump.

The GOP Establishment had the opportunity early on to take his positions away from him... by embracing them since now, clearly, those positions represent that of the base.

Instead, they run away from them in horror.  And now, the remaining major candidates, Rubio and Cruz, are, effectively, right where Trump wants them: forced into discussing well, the size of Trump's penis, as Rubio did yesterday.

Nationally, the latest poll has Trump at 49%, with Rubio at 16 and Cruz at 15.

The Establishment has failed to understand and failed to recognize what Trump represents to the base.  They appear mystified as to how anyone could be so stupid that they'd support a Trump.

So, they played the role of the ostrich and buried their collective head in the sand.

And this... is the result... of that.

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