Sunday, February 14, 2016

Yet another proof that the state GOP are a bunch of idiots. (The Trump Effect on state politics)

Full disclosure:  During the 2000 election cycle, I was warming the chair of Executive Director of the Washington State Republican Party.

I'm not a huge fan of Danny Westneat, Seattle Times columnist.  But if nothing else, a broken clock is right twice a day, and this column, like it or hate it, goes to the heart of the matter concerning RINO politics and how it works... the very model of a circular firing squad.

The players in this drama are some relative well known GOP types, types busily setting the table for throwing their own party under the bus in the event of a Trump presidential nomination.

These morons are busy attack Donald Trump.

That, of course, is their privilege.  But in so doing, they're manufacturing ammunition for the left to use against the GOP here LOCALLY (that is, within the state)

The players are Randy Pepple, a GOP strategist and the genius behind the McKenna campaign that worked out so well for us in 2012; RINO Dave Reichert, 8th District congressman and former King County Sheriff who typically votes even further to the left than our own clueless Congresscritter Jaime Herrera; State Sen. Joe Fain of Auburn, perhaps best known for being one of the 3 fake Republicans who voted to allow men into the girls bathrooms and showers and Bill Bryant, who really wants to be governor and is really going around sticking his foot in his mouth and hanging out with CCRINO types, for example.

I'll let Westnet tell it:
The local GOP isn’t nominating a presidential choice at the Feb. 20 caucuses (that will happen at a May 24 primary). But The Donald and his potential to wreck their best-laid plans are sure to be a big topic of conversation.

Here’s the problem: Almost every major Republican official around here has already denounced Trump. Some have done it in derogatory terms that to me seem unprecedented for intraparty politics.

Examples: GOP Congressman Dave Reichert said, “Donald Trump is a joke.”  Randy Pepple, mentioned above, said  “Donald Trump is a bigot … a bully and a demagogue.”  Sen. Joe Fain, of Auburn, the state Senate’s Republican majority floor leader, straight-up called Trump a “fascist.”

The GOP candidate for governor, Bill Bryant, said at a CityClub event in December that Trump “is unfit to be president, if he believes what he says.”

These are scorched-Earth statements. They’re worse than what Democrats have to say about Trump. So how do you make a case for your party to take over the state’s political system if it turns out the guy at the top of your ticket is, by your own admission, a troglodyte?
How, indeed?

Again, I'm reminded of version 1.0 of my own ubiquitous Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, who famously USE to pledge that she would not "tear anyone else's house down to make hers look bigger."

Version 2.0, the Gas Tax modified version, takes a someone different view; but politics can have that impact on people.

That said, it takes a genuinely special kind of stupid for RINOs to babble thus:  Local RINO Commander Brent Boger has been babbling for years that we MUST support RINOs at all costs.

Yet, when it comes time for the RINOs to live by their own rules?

Not so much.

You see, this kind of thing strengthens my determination to call the RINOs out wherever and whenever I can.

I wouldn't vote for any of these people as candidates.  Why bother voting for fake democrats when you can actually vote for the real thing?

Because these people... in these political positions... have the common sense of a board fence held up by a box of rocks and a sack of hammers.

Meanwhile, I have no individual favorite.

I was leaning towards Scott Walker at first, until I found out he wanted to give $400 million in state dollars to the Milwaukee Bucks to build them a new basketball palace... without a vote.  Then, I was leaning towards Dr. Ben Carson until that nebulous crap about West Point.

And Ted Cruz is stinkin' up the joint with his old school knee-breaker variety of politics.

So, I don't really have a clue who it's going to be.

But I could easily vote for Trump, if for no other reason than these idiots hate him.

And look what they've all done for us!

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