Saturday, February 13, 2016

Understand this: The Three Stooges simply don't care.

Look, don't misunderstand me: I would never advocate against the people going to the council chamber and lighting up the Three Stooges.

The problem is... and I don't know how it can be stated with greater simplicity... these people... these councilors DO NOT CARE.

One of the many problems with the charter is this "more democratic" system means that whoever is in the mainly Vancouver district doesn't have to answer to the rural voters.


SO none of the councilors HAVE to vote through a filter of the county as a whole.

And with a nut job like my brother-in-law as chair, and Olson voting exactly the same as democrat Green WOULD have voted... they honestly do not care one wit what the people want.

As Steve Stuart said, "I don't speak for the people... I will never speak for "the people," I will speak for Steve and some of you will like it and some of you won't."

THAT is the attitude and arrogance of governance the CCRINOs and the Three Stooges went after and that's what they got.

They will stick to their agenda and their plan to the exclusion of all else... precisely like Boldt did when he was so rabidly in favor of the CRC/Loot Rail Scam... just like he is today.

"Governmental arrogance" at it's worst.

I am not suggesting, nor would I ever suggest... that the people should not voice their concerns on this issue, either side..

But you have to go into this understanding that it doesn't matter what the people say. For these governmental Nazi's, "Befehl ist befehll."

These people are not reasonable. They're as much puppets as anything Jeff Dunham has on his hand. Tracy Wilson appears to me to be pulling the strings.

This is precisely and absolutely what I warned everyone about if Boldt was elected. And sadly, it's all come true as he's doing his best imitation of Pharaoh out of his hatred for everything Madore has done and tried to do. It's not unlike the Egyptian days where the out-of-favor member of nobility would see any mention of their name stricken from the histories, any statute torn down... as if he never existed legislatively.

Back when Marc was a commissioner and he was still speaking to me, I asked him once about some lawsuit threat or another aimed at the county over something he and the others had done. This was like 10 years ago or so... his response?

"Well, they're gonna have to stand in line."


None of them do. And as a result, the people have no leverage. And every single person involved in this cannot approach it as if the Three Stooges were rational or actually believed that what they had to say to them mattered. Because to Boldt especially?

It doesn't.

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