Monday, February 15, 2016

So. Who has been the biggest donor to the CCRINOs?

Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be my own Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

Of course, the PDC-challenged Rivers (who is over-reporting her money on hand by a paltry $182,000) has zero difficulty and no problem whatsoever throwing money at another RINO group, especially when it isn't HER money, given her hatred for conservatives generally and the Brent Boger/Spike influence particularly would naturally be a big spender with this sorry-assed outfit.

It's realistic to expect that Crain's little group will, once again, priovide their deliberately misleading signs as they battle against the forces of smaller government, lower taxes and the like.

But then, given Rivers' betrayal of the people of both this county and her district, is it surprising that she'd be drawn to another RINO?


Chuck Miller said...

Well stated Kelly, hopefully this information will get out especially to our 18th Distruct to expose who Ann Gas Tax Rivers is and hopefully soon be replaced by a trusted Constitutional Conservative!!!!!!!

Christian Berrigan said...

I didn't know Paul Harris was a Senator --- PDC Freudian slip?

Just a guy said...

Chuck, this whole thing is so stupid I can't find the words.

Just keep your word. Just do what you promised you would do when you ran to get the job.

No amount of money should be able to buy your integrity, and hanging a $1600 debt on each of us for this? Stop trying to do the democrats dirty work for them.

Utter and complete nonsense.

Christian, I'm thinking that when he filed his paperwork, he was planning on running for the Senate. But paperwork screw ups are common: for a long time, Rivers' paperwork indicated she was running for the 17th District Senate.

Now, who knows? But she IS overstating her funds by $182,000 and, I'm told, is refusing to cooperate with the PDC.