Monday, February 29, 2016

So... I'm hearing a deafening silence from most electeds about Rivers' PDC fraud.... no condemnation from others in politics...

Odd, that.  Why is everyone so quiet about this fraud?

When I began to hammer on her for lying to get elected, some in office around here locally unloaded on me.

Five local political creatures, including 3 in office, 1 formerly in office and 1, a political, downtown mafia boot-licker, did their very best to get me fired.

One of them took me on publicly on another blog.

But now... all of those so eager to come to her defense on the issue of lying to get elected are all remaining, strangely, quiet.

Well, here's the facts: Sen. Ann Rivers has fraudulently claimed around $175,000 more in her Public Disclosure Commission accounting than she has in her account.

She has done so for a year.

The PDC has been in touch with her for FIVE months and was finally forced to take action unilaterally because Rivers didn't do enough to resolve the disparity.

Further, of course, Rivers KNEW the number she was showing was a fraud.

She knows how much money is in her campaign account. She knows the number she was showing in public was vastly inflated.

For a year.

And all of that begs the question: why did she lie?

I can speculate, of course: It was to shield her from running against anyone this November.  She knows she's in trouble with the base in her district over her gas tax betrayal because her excuses make zero sense.

But can anyone here even begin to imagine the coverage we'd be seeing in the democratian if, say, David Madore had lied on HIS PDC's by such a huge amount?

Gotta wonder: why is Lefty Lou Brancaccio covering for Rivers?

Besides the obvious, I mean.

Meanwhile, I've heard and seen nothing from her buddy Brent Boger.  Nothing from her buddy Phil Johnson (Thank you for raping the county to pay for OUR roads, ma'am, much appreciated!) nothing from Shane "I'm running to beat up Liz Pike" Bowman, nothing from Steve "I never speak for the people" Stuart, nothing from Marc "I can't answer by text unless I'm driving" Boldt.  Nothing from Sean Guard, who once told me in response to Rivers' gas tax/tab fee betrayal "That's how business is done."

Why do you suppose that is?

A chasm of silence.  A black hole, if you will.

I don't see anyone coming to her defense.  Nor do I see any of them condemning her fraud.

And I have to wonder: why is that?

Why was ONE lie... to get elected... OK on the part of these people... while THIS lie... a huge, reeking, gaping maw in what little integrity she might have is, apparently, NOT OK?

You see, to me, they're exactly, precisely, the same thing.

The first lie was to get elected.

The second lie was ALSO to get and stay elected.

What's the difference?

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