Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' floor speech on the Peterson dismissal.

So, I was waiting for Rivers to put her 2 cents worth in on this deal.
"Thank you, Mr. President.  It really is with a heavy heart that I am standing in opposition to this confirmation. 
Last year, we, we passed the most comprehensive transportation package in the history of the state of Washington. 
In exchange, as a commitment to the voters, we told them that we would seek accountability and reform. 
Sadly, those things have been met with opposition. 
Today, I am taking this vote to uphold my commitment to the taxpayers of this state that we will get accountability. 
We will have reform. 
That we will honor our commitment to them. 
Urging a 'no' vote.  Thank you."
Nnnnooooo kidding.

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers made a commitment to us to get reform?  But it wasn't in the legislation so Peterson wouldn't have any choice?

Rivers and the rest of the RINO's NOW want reform.... but it wasn't in the legislation so Peterson wouldn't have any choice?


That "commitment" will, I'm sure, be as useful as every other commitment she's made, including the commitment she made to get elected to the Senate.

What about THAT "commitment?" After all, the people, of her own admission, had spoken and she, also of her own admission, had "LISTENED."

At least long enough to get elected.  After that?  Not so much.

Instead of following it and upholding it, she now states she REGRETS having made the commitment in the first place!

As if that excuses her betrayal somehow.

Yes, Rivers is terribly concerned about her commitments.

When it suits her.

Meanwhile, her betrayal, which garnered the people NOTHING but getting bent over for $700 million against the commitment Sen. Rivers made to get elected... only to break when it suited her, remains in place.  Because when she stuck it to us... she stuck it to us GOOD.

This is political theatrics.

I really don't have a problem with any senator "upholding their commitment to the voters."

But I do find it odd that her desire to "uphold their commitments" is so selective.

I will not mourn the departure of Peterson and her quirks and her failure to support the people of Clark County in their fight against the CRC Scam.

But I've been mourning Rivers' departure from her integrity for at least the past year on the gas tax and her bogus campaign disclosures on her PDC.

And sadly... I always will.

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david clark said...

You wrote: " her failure to support the people of Clark County in their fight against the CRC Scam."

Actually Peterson was one of the leaders of the CRC scam. She comes from Metro, to Clackamas County commissioner where she helped borrow $20,000,000 fir light rail just days before the citizens voted against any funding for light rail. She worked for Kitzhauber on the CRC scam before infesting Olympia to further the scam. Benton said after Olympia defended it, she lobbied the Oregon legislature to fund it alone.
Just one word seems appropriate: vermon.