Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Obviously Tim "The Liar" Leavitt is confused: Who cares what he has to say about his CRC/Loot Rail scam OR Our Liz?

Look, I get that Timmy, who lied his ass off even more than Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers about his fake opposition to tolls to get elected, is a bit miffed that the people rejected his insanity.

And being his being a leftist, I get that he could care less that the people of the 18th District weren't terribly interested in that scam or any of the other rip offs that scum bag has ran on us... like tossing us deftly under the TriMet buses with his bogus effort to delegate eminent domain authority to an appointed, out of state agency without legislative approval, and his sticking his crank in the fan by flipping us off over the BRT rip off vote that told him he couldn't go forward without our approval to make that insanity happen.

I know.  Being an abysmal failure with a drinking problem can be tough.  Buyt in time and with help, he can get over it.  Meanwhile...

He lost.

We won.  He doesn't give a damn about what we have to say... so who cares what HE has to say?

He should take his ass-whoopin' like a good little boy and just move on.

So, I admit it.  I don't really understand why what he says about something he no longer has... or never really had, if the CRC Scammers are to be believed, any control over is newsworthy except for Lefty Lou's standard hatred of conservatives meme.

If a grand jury were to look into this project and The Liar's part in it, there's a damned good chance he'd be indicted for doing what he could to waste $200 million dollars of taxpayer dollars that he and the scum he was working with screwed us out of.

And if he's really upset, I'd prefer that he set himself on fire in front of the failed democratian building now known as City Hall to protest it.

Otherwise, tough tacos, you rat bastard.  Your support or opposition to this is completely irrelevant... Lefty Lou's ass-kissing notwithstanding.

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