Wednesday, February 03, 2016

My response to this week's Reflector editorial

Kenny Vance at the Reflector takes on the local Gordian Knot of the Clark County political scene.
I appreciate your position in all of this.  Let me fill in a few blanks that might help.

First and foremost, yes, Boldt is and has been a PCO since 2012.  In all that time, he has never once attended any GOP function or meeting save for his bizarre effort to scam their endorsement during the meeting where the party endorsed the write-in effort and Pike.

He has provided zero input save for his "I can better serve as an independent but I want you to endorse me anyway" effort to cut off the Pike endorsement.
As a result, particularly given his voting record during his tenure as a commissioner and since he picked up the 39% of the vote needed to become chair, he is in action as Republican as one of my cavalier spaniels.

Being a Republican is supposed to be more than a label.  To Boldt, it's meaningless to say the least and his record proves it.  There is, as I've pointed out, a reason the Yong Democrats endorsed Boldt, and it wasn't his GOP that got the job done.

Unfortunately, the party, which is the core element of all of this and SUPPOSED to be the ultimate arbiter of party activities, is somehow expected or required to cave to the RINO perspective... for some reason.

Here's the thing: this August, every PCO seat will be up for election.  If the RINO element believes they somehow are the voice of Republicanism in this County, then they have the relatively simple option of simply running against the current incumbents and taking them out.

But their success in that regard is meaningless.  If they fail, if the current party hierarchy maintains control, it will be as meaningless to the RINO segment as it is now.  They are going to do, and try and do, whatever it is they damned well please... party be damned.

That's their privilege.  But they have tried repeatedly to re-assume control and have failed repeatedly.  Yet, who is expected to cave?

By now, everyone who reads this website is aware of my opposition to Boldt.  I will also oppose Rivers, who has a problem telling the truth when it comes to, say, a $700 million bill she helped to hang on this county... a paltry $1600 or so for every many, woman and child living here, when she lied about her position on the gas tax and tab fee increases... claiming that "The voters have spoken and she has listened."

Well, at least until it was convenient to ignore those same voters and betray us on the gas tax.

I will also oppose Bowman, who rather foolishly agrees with Rivers' gas tax betrayal, given that something on the order of 70%+ of the 18th District voted "no" on that tax increase during the advisory vote last November.

You see, there's a great deal more to this story that has caused all this.  If there is "blame," both sides share in it.  But there is no requirement... none... for the party to "compromise" on the RINO issues any more than there was a requirement for Rivers to hear my multiple pleas NOT to have lied to us about her opposition to the gas tax and tab fee increases.

The party is supposed to call the shots.  And if the RINO element doesn't like it, then they have the option of taking the party apparatus over this August.

If they can.

Meanwhile, if the RINO segment is bent on committing political hari-kiri, that is certainly their privilege and I will do all I can to sharpen their Katanas.

The irony of all of this is I'm not in the GOP either.  But these people getting upset because their noses are bent out of shape is their problem.

They're most angry because they're out of power. Some have whined and sniveled publicly; made demands and then throw a fit when their "advice" or "perspective" is ignored. And the scorched earth policy causing the most harm originates with and is centered on those who have and will throw the local GOP under the bus to suit their needs... the voters be damned.

Right, Sen. Rivers?

If the local GOP organization is to ignore those who voted them in as PCO's, then what's the point of even having PCOs?  What's the point of having a party?

There isn't one.  And if the RINO segment succeeds...we won't have one.
As a matter of course, I will oppose any elected official who shows up at this charade.  I will also oppose any candidate who does so.

Aiding and abetting this theft is unacceptable.  And there has to be a price to pay for it.

You see, for me, winning isn't the only thing.

It takes a great deal more than merely having an "R" after your name.  And the clowns who show up there to the delight of their leftist puppet-masters, are merely tools in their democrat tool box.

It's not unlike pledging to support someone and then turning your back on them in the most recent election.

The left gloats at local RINO insanity.  They don't have to do anything to get what they want: the RINOs are doing it for them.

What a joke.

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