Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More Columbian hatred of conservatives on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Memo to the moron who wrote today's editorial:

Citing the words of a lame duck liar to buttress your position?

That's a non-starter.

While at least mentioning that Tim "The Liar" Leavitt lied to get elected about his non-existent opposition to tolls that he used to get elected to the position of Kommisar of the Vancouver Soviet,  they do what they always do when they even brush up against it: they give him a pass.

These are so many revisionist, glaring errors in their screed that the entirety represents nothing but a "Hold Madore up as a piƱata for the fringe-left" effort to nail Rep,. Liz Pike on the bridge issue.

The slimeball who wrote this garbage whines about Pike's involvement.  Never mind that her efforts closely reflected the desires of the district she was elected to represent.

This scumbag writes:
All of this could be denigrated as the dark side of politics, and yet it is the reality of the situation. Although Pike elicited support for the bistate commission from all other Southwest Washington members of the House — a fact that reinforces the benefits of the idea — it quickly became clear that she is the wrong person to be at the forefront of the effort. And if Washington lawmakers feel this way, her participation would be anathema to Oregon leaders who still feel the sting from the CRC’s demise. 
Yes, Washington and Oregon need to begin playing ball regarding a new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River. But Pike should step to the sidelines for the process to have any chance of moving forward
Then what this means to the moron who wrote it is that the ONLY people who should be involved in ANY discussion on bridges across the Columbia River should be those of the criminal element who tried to hard to scam us on the CRC/Loot Rail project LAST time and the majority of the people of this county who were among those opposed to their insanity should have no say.

And, as always with leftist keyboard cowards, particularly those who rely on a scumbag like Leavitt, who really has no say on the matter, is they offer up ZERO alternatives.

They offer up ZERO alternatives to the CRC Scam because THAT is the ONLY thing these scum will accept.

They offer up ZERO alternatives to Pike's plan on a bistate commission.

They offer up ZERO alternatives on who SHOULD be doing the talking here.

They refuse to understand that multiple bridges in multiple locations are needed here.  And they are stuck in their criminal past where they helped to mislead, exaggerate and outright lie about their pet project that would have blown a $100 million a year hole in tolls in our local economy... and that's just to start.

As always, it's easy to whine and snivel... and who does it better than a leftist outfit like the cancer on our community?

I have not been wildly supportive of the bistate plan.  I am aware that the sole motivation for any effort will, ultimately, likely wind up focusing on resurrecting the CRC or something closely approximating it.  And once that momentum starts going forward, we're back to the races.

But it represents movement of a sort.  To the democrat newsletter, however, the ONLY plan is the CRC plan, screw what the people of this county want or when and how they want it.  The haters like the jerk who wrote this insanity engage in playground theatrics and use this effort as an opportunity to beat the hell out of another of their political enemies.

Meanwhile... we're waiting.  These scum keep telling us what they DON'T want.  I am not remotely interested in that.  I want to know what they're offering.

But then, we already know the answer to that.

Meanwhile, their hatred of Pike is the same as the CCRINOs/C3G2 hatred of conservatives.  Pike made what, to them, is the ultimate sin of responding to her Party's call.

And to these scum, that is an unforgivable, unpardonable sin... for worse than that of head CCRINO funder Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal of the people of this district and this county with her vote on the gas tax/tab fee betrayal.

You clowns don't like what Pike is doing?  Swell.  Come up with a better idea.  Anything less is merely the kind of politics you just got done whining about over the Peterson firing by the Senate.

Hypocrite, much?

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