Thursday, February 11, 2016

GOP unity: both locally and nationally.

Look.  I get it.  The GOP should "unify" to win the upcoming election.

Here's why that isn't going to happen.

For years now, we've been petted and placated by the RINO "Yes, you must vote for anyone with an 'R' after their name, even if their positions are to the left of Lenin" scam.  "Even if they've been endorsed by the Young Democrats.  Even if they carry Obama's water like Gunga Din.  Even if they lie to get elected.  Even if they vote like democrats once they ARE elected.  Even if they ram tax increases down your throat without asking you at the state and local level.  Even if... even if.... even if..."

No matter what they are, Wir müssen abstimmen RINO unabhängig! Befehl ist befehl!

(We must vote RINO, regardless!  Orders are orders!)

Well, that "orders are orders" thing didn't work at Nuremberg, and it doesn't work here.

Both locally and nationally, the RINO establishment will try and kill you politically if you don't go mit sere Partie line!

My esteemed Senator, Ann "Gas tax" Rivers, got her nose bent out of shape because my Rep., Liz Pike, refused to go along with her insanity on the gas tax and cover for her lies.  The result?  Pike's being attacked by another RINO tax-and-spender recruited by Gas Tax and the CCRINOs to take Pike out in the next election.

How... Republican of them

And therein lies the rub.

This is about two different directions for outcomes.

Rivers has a sense of entitlement she believes is granted to her by her title.  That is, she wrongly believes she can do any damned thing she pleases no matter how much it screws us as a result.

I take a different view.
There's a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.
And I go to make sure that they have it.

Rivers' side of this equation believes they can act like democrats: they can tax and spend and jack up our cost of living through fees and various increases that not only nickel and dime us to death, but quarter and dollar us to death as well... all without asking us.

Precisely like the democrats have and do.

My side of the equation believes that the people are fully capable of making the decisions on these issues and failing that, first; you keep your word and second; you vote your district.  Which is, come to think of it, exactly what your job happens to be.

Think for a moment.

Back in 2010, when Rivers ran for the House, how many of you believe for one second that had she ran an honest campaign and said, for example: "Vote for me and I'll do all I can to slam you with the largest gas tax increase in this state's history, jack up your car tab fees, and make sure that you have zero say in any of that while I'm doing it..." she would have been able to be elected dog catcher?

If you were to ask Rivers as I have if she thought she had done anything wrong by voting to yoke every man, woman and child in Clark County... to the tune of $700 million total (remember: we only wasted $200 million on the entire CRC Scam)... $1600 or so for each of us... she would tell you as she told us all at the Battle Ground Town Hall meeting that indeed... she regrets ever having made the promise, because in her words, keeping her word to her constituency would have made her into a "pansy."

So, no, she admits she doesn't regret lying.

Instead, she admits that she regrets ever making the promise she lied about.

THIS is what we have representing us in the 18th District in the state senate today.

And THIS woman was instrumental in recruiting Shane Bowman, who shares her views on lying to get elected as well as ramming tax increases down our throats... to run against Rep. Liz Pike who stood up for us by voting "no" on Rivers' insanity.

How then... does the local GOP... unify with that variety of political treason... for anything?

The very idea that I should reward this kind of political perfidy with my vote is as insane as the concept of Obamacare saving a family of four, $2500 per year in health insurance premiums.

I will never vote for Rivers for anything again.  In fact, I will certainly do all I legally can to keep her from being elected to anything, anywhere, because I damned sure do not want her, or her lap dog Bowman, anywhere in a government which can govern me.

Who among the CCRINO group is interested in "Unity?"  Who among those doing their best... and succeeding in some instances... to attack conservative incumbents gives a damn about "unity?"


Unity, then, at the local level, is an abstract construct that we hear about... but never see anything happening over.

The CCRINOs are as much driven by hate as their brethren at the C3G2 hate group.  Crain and many others in the CCRINOs are frequent visitors there and are welcomed because their perspective closely aligns with the fringe-left hate group's mantra.

At the national level, the GOP took control of Congress on a wide variety of promises, none of which have been fulfilled to my knowledge.

We still have, for example, Obamacare.  And you know damned well that the vast majority of Congressional members in the GOP who ran and won did so pledging to get rid of Obamacare.

Yet, here we are 14 months after they all took office and what have they done?

Fully funded every aspect of it, just like Obama wanted it, and that includes our cardboard cutout of a congresswoman, Ridgefield Barbie, who also voted "yes" for that stupidity.

So, yes, "unity" is an issue.  Unity is a "nice to have"

But what's missing is the magic key that will unlock that force of political nature.  And frankly, I don't happen to believe it exists.

Because I will never "hold my nose" to vote GOP again.

I will, in fact, use my vote as a protest vote and vote democrat.

What's the worst that could happen?

Congress votes out a budget to give the democrat president everything he or she wants?

Like the GOP Congress JUST DID?

The GOP State Senate backhands us with a massive tax increase without asking us, lying all the while they were doing it and we're stuck locally with a tax blowing a multi-hundred million dollar hole in our local economy... for what?

Screw that.

Locally and nationally, if you don't go with the RINO program, they will try and kill you politically, if not personally.

I know, for example, that 5 involved in the CCRINO movement, 3 currently elected officials, one former elected official and a fringe-leftist democrat made a serious, concerted effort to have me fired because I was coming after them or their interests.

And sadly for them, I know who they are and when they tried it.

How then, am I supposed to unify with such people?

Perhaps THESE were the Brown Shirt Republicans Brian Baird was babbling about towards the end of his last term.

I am sick of just going along.

I want change I can believe in.  What the CCRINOs offer is a lot of things... but it ain't that.

And we will not unify.

The democrats, who are doing all they can to have the CCRINOs do their dirty work for them (Isn't it amazing that the CCRINO targets and the democrat's targets are so similar... and so many leftists support the targets of both?) have an outstanding opportunity here.

Are they smart enough to take it?

It's early yet.  We'll have to see.

But no CCRINO will ever get my vote again for any office.

So... how do we go about getting that "unity" thing going, again?

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Dick Sohn said...

As usual you left nothing on the table. Thank you!