Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Three Stooges continue to play to form.

This stuff was so predictable as to be beyond belief.

As Boldt and the two RINOs on the council continue their jihad against the people of this county, I can only say "I told you so."

For months, I laid out the Boldt Revenge Agenda.  For months, I told everyone who would listen that there was zero difference between Julie Olson and Chuckles Green.  For months, I warned you all that Jeanne Stewart had morphed into a Craig Pridemore wannabe with her deliberately fake campaign designed to keep Madore off the general election ballot.

Literally, for YEARS, I have been telling you that my brother-in-law is mental, that he's become a complete tool of the left and that he's easily manipulated to do us harm.

I defer to a staffer of then Congresswoman Linda Smith, who wrote about then Representative Boldt:
All of this probably happened because Rep. Boldt is not exactly "quick" and probably had trouble keeping up with Linda when she was explaining it all (the politics) to him.  Nice guy... not quick.  At any rate, the damage control is under way and it is doubtful that she will try to explain anything to Marc again with out a drawing board to draw pictures.
His actions since returning to the throne have proven the prescient nature of this observation.

But the RINOs and the C3G2 haters wanted him... almost 61% of us did NOT want him... but you've got him.

And he's going to make us choke on it. 

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