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So, whar's the difference between the RINOs and conservatives? Hint: it's not their political positions. (Long)

I've been giving this a great deal of thought since the RINO element of the local GOP committed what amounts to political treason by endorsing and campaigning for my brother-in-law, democrat Marc Boldt.

I hated the very idea.  I couldn't even begin to understand why the RINO element of the GOP would align themselves with the fringe-left Young Democrats and help elect a clown that 61% of the voters of this county rejected.




But as I was watching yet another discussion of establishment/RINO/National Review idiocy on television today... it all came together for me.

A RINO, or Republican In Name Only, has a problem caring about anything that interferes with their agenda.

And "anything," in this instance, includes the will... or the voice... of the people.

They simply don't care what the people want.  What they care about is getting their way.

I have yet to read or listen to a RINO who did not believe to the core of their being that they are superior to people like me in every way.  They know more.  They're smarter.  Those like me who disagree with their positions and philosophies are morons.

Battle Ground's current mayor has come after me publicly for taking Rivers to task.  Of course, within the 18th District, Rivers' betrayal of the voters has, in his eyes, made her a "friend to Battle Ground" which is yet ANOTHER indicator that he, along with Rivers, are simply more interested in getting what THEY want or what THEY believe to be important than they are about what WE want.

And Brent Boger has drank the RINO Kool Aid so much that he has become Rivers' bitch, even going so far as to video me at a town hall meeting, including videoing Rivers' lie that had she NOT broken her word to us, instead of this county getting popped for $700 million... we'd have been screwed out of $7 BILLION.

That's another thing most RINOs have in common: there's no lie they won't tell to justify their political treachery.

Hell, why even bother to have elections when those running are, like Rivers, just going to lie to get what they want while they bend the rest of us over?  What's the point?

But the realization struck me that so very many decisions made by the GOP are made without care or concern over the will of the people they would govern.

Locally, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal of her district and this county fits the bill.  But in addition to that, RINOs are coalescing around her.  She has gone out and recruited a RINO to take on a conservative... something even democrats won't typically do... and you know this clown's a RINO because like Rivers, he has rammed tax increases down the throats of those he has governed... and all without asking them.


Because he doesn't CARE what the people of Battle Ground thought, believed or wanted.

Additional examples are easy to find:  The RINO support of Boldt is directly traceable to this one, critical element.

Boldt does not care what we want.  He does not care what we've voted for.  It doesn't matter to him in the least.

And the RINO element aligned with Boldt, including Jeanne Stewart and obvious, easily identified RINO Julie Olson... who has NEVER cared about what the people want or wanted... just look at her support of the CRC Scam and her bizarre, inexplicable "reasoning" in joining with Boldt and Stewart to add additional millions to our property tax burden.
"She responded that the Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Auditor, as well as the "finance team" all testified against the 2% levy reduction."
Which would be swell... if she was elected to represent the "Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Auditor as well as the finance team."

Of course, the reality is that if none of those people existed, she STILL would have voted against us because she doesn't give a damn what we want, and jacking our property taxes back up 2% was on the agenda.

It doesn't matter who they hurt.  It doesn't matter what we say.  It doesn't matter how we vote on the issues to the RINO class.

And look where the RINOs draw their defenders?

Brent Boger.  Many C3G2 haters.  Democrats.  Others like them that have one very telling characteristic in common:

NONE of them care what we think.  Our support or opposition to an issue, a tax, a plan, a project.... meaningless to them and their ilk.

The vitriol even today from the haters like Boldt, who irrationally supported the CRC/Loot Rail scam and still does, even though he KNOWS the majority of this county hates it, still seethes. That none of the RINOs or leftists infesting us have come up with any alternative?

That's merely a symptom of the disease.  Because the RINOs like Greg Kimsey, who was also a strong supporter of the CRC Scam and an outright hater of conservatives have come up with precisely ZERO alternatives to the CRC rip off.

And that's because it's on their agenda... much like the charter we're cursed with and the $700 MILLION Rivers' bill she hung around our neck (easily $1500 per every man, woman and child in Clark County) while doing nothing to give us a voice on this horrific hit to finance King County's transportation boondoggles... it's simply because they don't give a damn about what we want when... or if... it conflicts with their agenda.

That's why Herrera never accomplished a thing on the CRC Scam: she wanted it built.

She wanted the sheep here to BELIEVE she opposed it... but she never did a damned thing to stop it from happening.

That's why area RINO's are coalescing around the RINOs in office who have and are for the indefinite future, in the midst of betraying us ... exactly like Rivers.

That is why, with specificity,  The RINOs in Congress have screwed us, including our own moron from the 3rd Congressional District.

Because they simply don't care.

They believe they can engage in slight of hand and tell us all how much they've done FOR us... as they do their very best to hide all of the damage they've done TO us.

Herrera with her multiple RINO votes in Congress.  Rivers with her complete betrayal and subsequent lies to justify it on the gas tax/tab fee scam.  That RINO Rivers rounded up to run against Pike in the primary, who is of a kind with a HISTORY of screwing his constituents on tax issues PRECISELY like Rivers has done, Shane Bowman.

When you look at the well known RINOs at all levels... the LAST thing they concern themselves with is keeping their promises or pledges... or giving a damn about the will of the people they would govern.

The agony of this aspect is that the longer one is involved in the political realm, the more likely this sort of thing is to happen.

It's the lure of power.  It's the result of manipulation.  It's the weakness of those like my brother-in-law who fall victim to the fawning manipulation of people who don't give a damn about him... except to the extent of how much they can use him to further their aims to achieve their goals at our expense.

But then, as Linda Smith's congressional staffer said:
All of this probably happened because Rep. Boldt is not exactly "quick" and probably had trouble keeping up with Linda when she was explaining it all (the politics) to him.  Nice guy... not quick.  At any rate, the damage control is under way and it is doubtful that she will try to explain anything to Marc again with out a drawing board to draw pictures.
"Explaining it all (the politics) to him."

You would think that after 18 years in elective office, he might have figured it out.

Any elected official, candidate or supporter who claims to be a Republican, but who places their judgment ahead of those they would govern?


It's what enables them to ignore the people.

It's what enables them to ram taxes down our throats without asking us.

It's what enables them to lie to get elected, then lie ABOUT lying... and then lie to remain elected.

Democrats do that sort of thing as a matter of course.  Republicans who believe in that philosophy or governance would be best served by simply switching parties.

But that would require a level of honesty your average RINO is incapable of attaining.

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Unknown said...

At all levels (local, state, national) the "parties" don't much care about what the voters want or care what the Constitution (or other formative documents) say ... it's about who has the power. George Bush spent more and faster than Lyndon Johnson ... in part, because he (and his RINO supporters) thought that was the way to have a "conservative majority forever." Of course, that didn't work out so well. Indeed, had Obama not done his best to bankrupt the system, Bush would have gone down as "the biggest spender in the history of the U.S." (And Jeb Bush wonders why so many just don't want another Bush in office.)

Once your realize that what motivates politicians ISN'T serving their constituents, but is rather about power and who has it. Then you'll see why I've been cynical about "representative government" for a long, long time. (It didn't help that I grew up in a political home, with a father who served in the California legislature and served as a police court, municipal court, and superior court judge (on top of a 50 year career as a lawyer.) I have seen the political monster close up -- much too close up. As a kid, I played in the back yard with (former) Congressman George Miller (of California -- one of the Obamacare gang) when he was a kid -- as our respective fathers met to discuss legislative agendas (Congr. Miller's dad was a State Senator from the same county where my father was in the Assembly.) I can tell you that I NEVER overhead any consideration of what the voters might think... THEY were going to "fix" things for them -- as they saw it.

Welcome to the political cynic's club.