Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rumor Control: Rivers recruited Shane Bowman to run against Pike "My top priority."

My state senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, has been a very busy girl since the last session.

Perhaps that's a product of her growing "political maturity," you know, where she lies to get elected and then tries to lie some more to justify it, like she did at the town hall meeting yesterday?

Pike strongly opposed Rivers' gas tax vote.  Did so rather publicly.  And Rivers simply can't have public opposition to her positions among her seat mates.

Odd, isn't it?  Rivers seeks to apparently punish everyone who opposes her... as she, among others... attempted to have me fired a few months back for that same opposition.  Boldt would know about that as well, right, Marc?

Local RINOs are feeling their oats with Boldt's plurality victory where 60% plus of this county voted against him for county chair and he still won.  Mains has been out there beating the bushes to find another fake Republican to run against Pike... because SHE must be punished, not only for daring to defy Rivers (Don't get me wrong, Rep. Brandon Vick did the same thing, but his opposition was quiet... so Rivers will, no doubt, attempt to "politically mature" him and Vick, of course, will watch all this unfold from the sidelines.  Think Wilson's abandonment of Pike during the chair race.) And Mains believes that this is the "New Formula" that will return the democrats to legislative control like it did on the county council.

Mains, perhaps best known for spreading the lie that Madore was paying me to oppose my erstwhile brother-in-law Boldt, benefited from both the perfect storm of Jeannie Stewart's hatred of conservatives and her fake candidacy in the last cycle (Done to suck up GOP votes and get Boldt on the general fund ballot) and the RINO defection to democrat Boldt... as Mains hopes to secure that same kind of defection here for this seat and gain Rivers her lap dog in the form of a new, more pliable seatmate who will cover Rivers' 6 while she goes out and plays democrat under the banner of the GOP and the GOP allows it to happen.

The problem with Bowman is the same problem Rivers has: you cannot support a gas tax increase (which he did) in a district that voted 70% "no" on said increase while also ramming a local $20 tab fee increase down the throats of the people of Battle Ground without seeking their permission at the ballot box... which I personally warned him not to do...  and realistically expect to be the choice between those who support the tax and spend RINOs and those with a proven record of opposing those increases that RINOs so love to inflict on us... all without asking, of course.

Like Rivers' betrayal of this district and this county, that's the sort of thing democrats do. And it speaks to a willingness to not only ignore the will of the people you would govern, but like Rivers, it cements the obvious desire to fail to ever seek it on the issues that matter.

Do I know all of this for a 100% certainty?

Nope.  But the more revengeful, more "politically mature" Rivers has become everything I've ever hated in politics: a politician who will lie to get elected, make no apologies for it, never admit she was wrong to break her pledge and who only will express "regret" for getting caught.

Rumors are stock in trade of the political realm.  And this is the kind of thing that has caused me to chuck all of it.  Meanwhile, fasten your seat belt as the political soap opera shifts to the 18th District.


Dick Sohn said...

Well done! These cockroaches can't stand the daylight. Kepp it shining.

Just a guy said...

Well, Bowman has confirmed that he's running against Pike. Watch the RINO'S line up behind him.