Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'll be voting "no" on the Hockinson levy

Between having an almost $3200 gas tax bill hung on me, my brother-in-law jacking up our property taxes 2% and my disappointment in the outcomes my children had from graduating from Hockinson High School, I just am not motivated to fork over additional hundreds of dollars beyond the thousands I've already dropped into the district since I moved here almost 11 years ago.

Our taxes are going to be going up even more.  Currently, we're paying, according to the article, $3.51 per thousand of assessed value... values I expect to sky-rocket over the coming years.

In 2019, we are supposed to pay $3.94 per thousand, or 43 cents more per thousand with many additional thousands over our current value as housing/property price continue to increase.  As a percentage, how much of an increase is that?   Around 11%, more or less.  Is inflation running that high?

Don't think so.

Further, Hockinson teachers made the unfortunate choice to abandon their children for bigger pay checks last year. 

I've had enough.  And when those factors are combined, there's no reason to reward any of those who would do any of this to us.

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