Friday, January 08, 2016

Gun crimes continue: Those who follow the law are punished.

Obama's fake tears, that weren't around after, say, any of the jihadist massacres in this country, don't move me.

I believe in my heart that the man is a narcissistic sociopath with an agenda... and that agenda has nothing to do with what's best for the United States.

What Obama clearly doesn't get is that his weak-willed flailing accomplishes nothing.

None of Obama's executive order babble would have made any difference in these massacres.  We spend billions on mental health already: the $500 million more... about a buck and a half per person in this country...  isn't going to make any difference... except, of course, to effectively waste hundreds of millions MORE dollars.

And let's not forget: Of those engaging in these slaughters, many were already or had already BEEN receiving mental health treatment.

One of the jihadis, US Army Major Nidal Hassan, WAS a psychiatrist!

No... none of these increased violations of the 2nd Amendment will serve to stop a single killing.

Oddly, in many instances, the areas where the 2nd Amendment is most used for government toilet paper... Chicago, for example... have among the highest murder rates on the planet.

That even the leftists can't see that is astounding.

There is only one way to keep criminals away from guns and I've advocated this for years:

If a criminal uses a weapon during the commission of a crime; a gun, a knife, or even rapier wit:  Execute them.

You want to eliminate guns from crime, or severely restrict their use?

The ONLY way to do that is to make the cost SOOOOO expensive that they stop using them.

How likely would a criminal be to rob a convenience store, for example, if they knew that $50 would cost them their life when they got caught?

What other disincentive is there?

Our legal system is a shadow of its former effectiveness.  Plea bargains... deals that screw the victim... jammed courts... activist judges... politically motivated prosecutions and prosecutors... under-funded public defenders.

(By the way, legalizing pot hasn't made any particular, noticeable difference, has it?)

Implementing a system to execute criminal who use weapons in crime would surely reduce the number of criminals who, well, use guns in crime.

Simple, really.

Meanwhile, leftists throw everything they can at the wall in the forlorn hope that something... anything... will stick.

So, they throw out this kind of garbage... that changes nothing.  Accomplishes nothing.

And the slaughter continues... Obama's crocodile tears notwithstanding.

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