Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Boldt, Olson and Stewart: the Three Stooges.

Well, now that the democrats have the majority on the Council, we need to come up with a cute little name for those clowns, something to counter Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's despicable M&M boys.

So, I have it: The Three Stooges.

Boldt has gone full leftist.  Of course, you knew that with the fringe-left support the "Young Democrats" gave him with their endorsement... and we still need to know what he promised them in return... and now, he can govern as I expected he would: screw what the people want or vote for, and just do what he wants, no matter what the people want.

An acolyte to the Steve "Screw what the people want" Stuart school of thought, Boldt is going to rape this county with his hatred, his vindictiveness and his revenge.

And Stewart, who would sell her children to get re-elected, will go further to the left than Mao to get people to believe she's representation her district while Olson out-Greens Green.

I have been warning people for months and months that this was going to be the outcome with these 3 fake Republicans in charge... and now we're all going to pay and pay... thanks to the Three Stooges

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