Monday, January 18, 2016

At Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' town hall meeting, I was astounded by the leftist's sniveling on the refugee issue.

No, I freely admit, neither Vick nor Rivers were sold on the idea of Inslee's ongoing insanity concerning the idea of bringing ISIS-light here.

But the same mob of gun-grabbers that were so enamored of the idiocy of Rivers' gas tax scam actually lied about how the Syrian refugees that the moron behind the Middle Eastern disaster he helped to create is causing by bring tens of thousands of these cowards over here to spread Sharia will be treated: how long it will take (18 to 24 months, we were repeatedly told) and how "thoroughly vetted" these people would be before they came here.

I pointed out the reality: that those vetting these "refugees" were the same people who "vetted" that bitch who slaughtered those people in San Bernardino.

The response?  (I can't make this up) "That was different.  She wasn't a refugee... she came here on a bridal visa."

As if one section of Homeland Security vets bridal visas... and an entirely DIFFERENT section vets refugees... instead of the same people doing both.

And I pointed out the obvious: background checks... or vetting, as it were... are ALL done by the SAME people.

And no one has been held accountable for the obvious failures of the background checks for this one female... because, well, in government, no matter who is running it, those who fail us are rarely held accountable at ANY level of government over anything.

Yet, we are just expected to open the flood gates to people like this:

And that doesn't begin to address the obvious security risks these people actually represent. 

And these same people at the meeting, overjoyed to pay the taxes of Rivers' lie, tried to tell us that they'd be so HAPPY just to be here that they would be as pure as driven snow once they got here.

Just like that woman who slaughtered us in California.

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