Monday, January 11, 2016

Apparently, I've got it all wrong. And that begs the question: when are politicians supposed to be held accountable for their lies?

For the local RINO-in-nature segment of those claiming to be GOP, when their noses ain't bent out of shape, I've got it all wrong.

Maybe I do.  I suppose that I simply don't understand.  I shouldn't care that someone I believed in... someone who was SUPPOSED to be different... someone who, in fact, HIRED me to "keep her grounded" can do or say anything she likes as long as the things she's doing, in fact, benefit the RINOs in question.

I've always taken a different view.

When I say I am going to do X, I try my very best to do... X.

When I say I am NOT going to do X, I try my very best NOT to do X.

That's not a particularly difficult standard to meet: it's what I've taught my children, it's what, I believe, most religions teach.

So, where am I going wrong on this?

It's pretty straight forward:

Sen. Ann Rivers ran on a platform that indicated she would NOT support a gas tax or tab fee increase.

To me, when someone looking to do a job for me comes in and promises to do certain things while promising not to do other things... I would hold them to their word.

When I take my car to a mechanic for a tune up and I tell him not to rebuild the engine and he goes ahead and does it anyway, do I hire that person again when, instead of expecting to pay $200 or so my family now has to pay over $6000?

Because that, you see, is what each and every family of four living in this county has been tasked to pay in part because of Rivers' "tough decision" to ignore her word, as outlined in this screen capture from her campaign website.

As I review this, it's actually 3 lies:

"I will not support an increase in the gas tax."

"I will not support increases in tab fees."

"The people have spoken and I have listened."

Clearly, the people have spoken and you've ignored them.  Rivers' take?  If she had kept her word on this, she'd have been nothing more than a "pansy."

How am I wrong on this?  What am I missing?

It must be something.  All of these people, from the Mayor of Battle Ground to a lawyer on the Washougal City Council are convinced beyond redemption that I am flat wrong.

And, of course, I find it odd that a lawyer either doesn't recognize a lie when he sees it or has such situational ethics that even though he knows it's a lie... he simply doesn't care because Rivers is his buddy and he's driven by emotions instead of integrity,

Well, Rivers was MY buddy but something happened last January or so that began to change all that.  I'm not sure what it was, exactly, but she began to go sideways on the truth... and she began to morph into the entirely political creature we see now.

I was faced with a choice.

I could continue to hold everyone...EVERYONE... to the same standard... or I could hold everyone ELSE to that standard while giving Rivers preferential treatment.

It started with her efforts to cut the pot tax, which the people had voted into place, in half.  Those behind that initiative promised us $582 million per year in revenue for the general fund to get that scam, which I opposed because of the complete absurdity of their revenue projections without needing to consider any of their other lies, and I let her know it then, as well.  As a state, we've been lucky to see 10% of that figure... but then, that was kinda how I knew it would turn out.

But she got it passed anyway.  I wasn't happy, but I also knew I wasn't going to agree with her all of the time... who would?  So, I let the opportunity to punish those behind the pot scam go, missing a golden opportunity to send the message that the legislature wasn't going to tolerate lies to get an initiative or a referendum passed.

Little did I know.

But the gas tax and tab fee was something else again.  She knew, early on, that she was going to vote for that garbage: that's why, I believe, she withdrew from the county chair race... which she knew she would lose if she had voted for it before the election.

No, that's not what she told me... because to this day, she has never given a straight answer to the "why did you withdraw" question.

Something was going on, however.

In the recent election, where we were allowed to vote in an advisory capacity on the gas tax increase, it was crushed, essentially, state wide.

It was massacred in the 18th District, where it lost in each and every precinct.

It lost in Clark County with a just under 70% vote.

Advisory Votes Advisory Vote No. 12 Second Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5987
CandidateVoteVote %
Total Votes78,187100%
A review of the break out by precinct shows that every single precinct in the 18th District voted against Rivers' gas tax/tab fee increases.

Break that out in the 18th, and the vote was likely close to a 75% "no" vote.

And what do we get for that?

Her recruitment of Shane Bowman to run against Liz Pike because Pike DARED to vote against her pot bill or something and then PUBLICLY opposed Rivers' effort to screw us sideways on the gas tax bill.

So, when I bring up her lie, Rivers and her buddies make an effort to silence me.  You know what I mean, right, Brent?

Where am I going wrong on this?

Are my facts wrong?  Is it possible Rivers was a "no" on the gas tax and tab fee increases she'd promised to oppose to get elected?  Could I have misread her vote?

No... I don't think so.

Hopefully, perhaps one of these fine people who lack the guts to confront me about this but have no problem going behind my back to damage me personally will write an explanation, which I will copy and paste here, so they can school me.

I admit I'm a high school drop out.  Like I admit to being a college graduate.  Maybe I just don't understand the English language.  Maybe I just can't figure out the true definition of "lie."

Because there sure seems to be enough people out there highly pissed at little old me.

You see, what I call a lie, others call "how things get done."  Imagine: lying to get elected is "how things get done."  For example, the Mayor of Washougal, who never set foot in Olympia beyond being a tourista, tells me:

Sean GuardSean Guard Kj Hinton Showing your ignorance, again. You worked for the legislature.  I would think you would know how things get done. Maybe that's why      you are no longer there?  LikeReply311 hrs

Of course.  God Knows, having spent so many years up there on staff, I have no IDEA how "things get done."

And "how things get done" justifies absolutely nothing when it comes to screwing your district out of literally hundreds of millions of dollars you pledged NOT to steal from them. Meanwhile, the "turn a blind eye to the lies and corruption" lobby runs roughshod over the people they are, allegedly there to serve.

If I lived in Washougal, I would be very troubled by a mayor who believes what amounts to corruption is perfectly acceptable because, what the hell...

That's how things get done.

Politics sure makes strange bed-fellows, don't it?

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