Friday, December 11, 2015

Why I do NOT support the so-called 9/11 Health Act to continue compensation to the first responders in NY.

First, let me say at the outset that I believe that all people who have a job-related illness are worthy of compensation for having those problems that result.

But for me, this is simply NOT a federal issue.

This is a New York state issue.

You see, I get the "heroics" of these people doing a job that day and in the days following.

But I also get that they were not doing this job voluntarily.

That is, they weren't doing it for free.  The rang up, literally, hundreds of millions in overtime.  They were compensated at the time, and many did very, very well as a result of their efforts.

Thus, to me, this is a New York State Labor and Industries issue and not a federal issue.

These guys didn't do it out of altruism. The total for the 2002 fiscal year 9/11-related overtime costs were $365 million.

As of September 6 this year, the fed (us) have been on the hook for a total of $1.44 billion paid out to 6,285 people who claimed to have worked at the WTC, the Pentagon and the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania.

Estimated costs are now set at between $1.83 bill to $2.22 billion over the next 5 years if approved.

I've got to wonder how much of that is legit... but no matter how much may be... the fact remains that WE should not be paying for this.

I'm reminded of a retired Master Sergeant I knew in the American Legion, double dipping (75% retirement) and 100% disability... for Agent Orange related health issues... for a total of 175% of his pay as an active duty E8.

He told me one day that he was getting all of that for diabetes and prostate cancer.

He said his twin brother had developed roughly the same problems at roughly the same time.  He then went on to say that his brother had not served in the military.  Agent Orange could not have been what caused his issues, but he was making bank as a result.

Yes, the results are hard to watch.  heartbreaking, in fact.  But how does that make this anything other than a state issue, save for those sniveling not wanting the state to pay for it, as they work really hard to get the state off the hook for THEIR responsibility?

If you fall and break your arm working at a McDonalds, does the Fed pay for it?

Of course not.  And this is no different, in real terms, than that.

Sorry.  But this is not our problem.  It's your problem, New York.  And your state/city should be the one to pick up the tab.

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