Thursday, December 03, 2015

The gun-grabber's reaction to the slaughter in San Bernardino: NOW what does government do?

As expected, the left immediately and stupidly made their usual lame attempt to shift the focus from the cause of this slaughter to a focus on the instruments used to inflict it, all the while ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the middle of the room... instead of focusing on the root cause, which is one of muslim hatred, they attempt... and fail... to shift the discussion to one of gun control laws.

Here's the fact of the matter:  gun control that restricts the rights guaranteed in the Constitution doesn't fix anything.

It's the bright, shiny object politics the worthless rely on,... the confusion of motion... with action.

Those who are bent on breaking the law laugh at the efforts to control THEM, while they look forward to government efforts to control US... by increasing the number and availability of gun-free zone targets government eagerly supplies those who would slaughter us.

Local morons like Jim Moeller have already tried to capitalize on this tragedy, COMPLETELY IGNORING THE ROOT CAUSE:

Muslims who hate us.

The professional apologists are already at work, attempting to pawn this off as "work place violence."

How many "disgruntled employees" have you EVER heard of that not only have military gear to include body armor AND AT LEAST ONE ACCOMPLICE WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE MUSLIM attack the workplace?

Leftist scum like Moeller don't even MENTION the hate-based religion of the shooters.  In their world, THAT kind of thing is irrelevant, and he, of course, would do nothing about THEM.

No... HIS plan is to make it even MORE difficult for those of us who typically obey the law to possess firearms and ammunition and magazines... well, guess what: Moeller doesn't own a gun.  And had he been in that room with those other people and had *I* been there, he would have BEGGED me to save his liberal, lying ass with my .45.

We are finding ourselves diving towards the bottom of a rapidly dwindling list of options available to address the scourge of muslim hatred in this country.

The answers are not easy.  They are not pleasant   They are not going to be easy to implement.

But the question becomes a simple one: how many of us do we allow them to slaughter?

What's the magic number?  Because MY idea is to act NOW and avoid all that.

It is government's job... at all levels... to provide for our security.

I discussed it with a government official earlier who told us that we are going to have to assume greater responsibility for our own protection.

OK.  Swell.  How do we do that in a gun free zone?

Had I been in that conference room, I likely would have left my .45 in my car.  What good would it have done me... or the others in that room... there?

Governments in various states are doing all they can to disarm the law-abiding which makes the law breaking even MORE dangerous.

If disarming people worked as a strategy reflecting the real world realities, California, Chicago and DC... New Jersey and Massachusetts among others, would be essentially gun-crime free paragons of gun control virtue.

We are upset to tears over what happened in San Bernardino today, and we should be.

But in Chicago, they call this "Saturday," week in and week out and no one cares... or says a thing... or does anything to change it because there are two kinds of people in this world: those who obey the law and get killed because we do... and those who could care less about the law and who then kill us as a result.

Those who believe we should take greater responsibility for our protection now need to act to insure that we can.

But even if we do, that does nothing to address the scourge of muslim hatred and the emboldenment of a cult masquerading as a religion that wants to destroy all non-believers and all who stand in their way.

I want SOLUTIONS to this problem.  Not platitudes.  Not trite, time-worn phrases that accomplish nothing.

I want government to look at what happened in San Bernadino... what happened at Umpqua CC, what happened to those recruiters and answer the question:

What could we have done to stop it before happened?

NOTHING the government implements should be aimed at resolving any other aspect of this issue.

If the policy wouldn't have stopped these shootings, then it's wrong.

And there simply aren't that many policies that can.

And government at all levels had better get on the stick and start coming up with answers.... right, fucking... now.

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