Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Obama is insane.

This is one of those days when the First Amendment REALLY comes in handy.

Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is completely, unalterably, insane.

Our government is being ran by a mad man.

As I watched another snippet where this blithering idiot claims that non-existent global warming is a greater threat than global terrorists and that said non-existent global warming is the root cause of terrorism, the thought occurred to me that this guy is just, flat out, insane.

He's standing in Paris... telling us that shootings that happen in the United States don't "happen anywhere else."

In Paris.

This shows a GIFTED lack of situational awareness.

This man has caused generational damage to this country that will take decades to repair... if it's possible to repair at all, given his "unpatriotic" take on increasing the deficit.

You remember this during the campaign of 2008, don't you?  (July 3, 2008)

So what is it when your add NINE trillion in debt... and more like 10 or 11 trillion as this moron has done?

The man is a liar.  Whenever he declares something... pretty much anything... you can presume the default position that he's lying.

Obamacare saving every American family $2500 per year?  You like your plan, you can keep your plan?  You like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? That this nation is somehow obliged to allow millions of illegal aliens in this country and PAY for them?  That we are somehow obligated to take refugees from ANYWHERE for ANYTHING, but particularly from a region where the practitioners are eager for world domination generally and our destruction individually... both as a nation... and as a people?

His use of governmental agencies as weapons against political enemies?

The largest threats we have in the world militarily are becoming stronger while this numbnuts cuts our military strength and turns the Armed Forces into a social test tube, weakening our combat capabilities with social programs and gender affirmative action and double standards.

Any other president would have long since been thrown out of office.  But our gutless, milquetoast RINO congress lacks the guts to act... and then seems mystified tat our psycho president just does what he 2wants and ignores them.

Well, duh!  What do you EXPECT?  Why SHOULD he pay any attention to this pack of gutless cowards?

Scrambling to find scape-goats in the intelligence community for his multiple failures in understanding and responding to the threat.  ISIS as the JV Team.  Failing to bomb targets like ISIS oil fields because of environmental concerns.  Failing to bomb oil tanker trucks because their drivers would get hurt.

Obama reminds me of Hitler in the bunker... living a dream world where units that didn't exist were supposed to come in and save the day in the defense of Berlin... all while his subordinates are too terrified to tell him the truth.

Yes, there are some parallels between Hitler and Obama.

There.  I said it.

An administration of failure where this absolute waste of skin will leave a legacy of pain, destruction, and poverty and debt.... the laughing stock of the world... an ocean of blood.

Not overseas... but right here at home.  OUR home.

2017 can't get here fast enough.

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