Friday, December 11, 2015

Memo to legislators: The I-5 Bridge is political suicide.

Folks, no matter what you intend to do, the leftists who are still punishing us now because we refused to support their horrific project will not allow a bridge replacement that does not have loot rail on it.

ANY I-5 Bridge project will be a massive waste of time, effort, energy and money that even if built would accomplish absolutely nothing.

I will oppose the election of any person in government that attempts to suck us into that swamp.

We need ADDITIONAL crossings in DIFFERENT locations to address our cross-river transportation issues, since putting loot rail into Vancouver (Which would be a part of ANY I-5 Bridge replacement project) will do absolutely nothing to relieve congestion, improve fright mobility or increase safety.

Never forget that the entire nexus of replacing the I-5 Bridge has been the loot rail scam.  Further, never forget that the vast majority who supported the CRC insanity would not have to cough up the $2000 a year in tolls required to built it.

In short, stop wasting our time.

Get past the idea that we have to accept this deal because we can't get any other.

NO deal is better than a bad deal.  And it looks like we're being set up to get screwed again.

You've been warned.

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