Monday, December 07, 2015

Make background checks for newspaper hacks universal.

Leftists, as a rule, hate guns, except when they're using them.

Chuckles Schumer, fringe left senator and anti-gun nut.
Many leftists are demanding additional steps to punish law-abiding gun owners with more taxes, higher costs, and more regulation.

OK... swell.

What say we apply the same requirements to the First Amendment that these scum want to apply to the Second?

I think all "journalists" should undergo universal background checks, just like they want is to undergo such background checks own or use or even say the word "gun."

If a newspaper hack can't swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they lose access to their word processors.  If they've ever lied, slanted, left out facts or failed to provide all of them to get a specific outcome to the news, then they should be permanently banned from ever reporting it.

If a newspaper editor has ever viewed his position as anything but his own responsibility to the people, then they can never print another word.  Ever.

If someone in the news-business ever substituted their bias, their hatred, their world view for the actual news?

Then they are permanently enjoined from ever working for any news outlet again.

You see, this is OUR constitutional right the leftists want to restrict and restrict and restrict.  And they want to restrict it because we, gun owners, stand as a threat to their ultimate aim which is government domination.

That's senseless, of course.  It's not unlike finding a homosexual who would rabidly support ISIS.

So, that's my proposal.

As a newspaper sleaze, if you've ever substituted YOUR opinion over the facts; if you've ever lied; if you've ever used your pedestal to attack someone particularly when you give your friends, both actual or political, a pass... then you should be banned from ever owning or accessing anything that can print anything.

The local daily democrat has infested this county for decades.  There's no lie they won't print, no attack they won't engage in, no fellow leftist they won't support.

And it's because it's editor is a liar, and their journalistic fish rots from the head down.

Imagine how much stronger and better our community would be if those who bear the responsibility for the science of journalism around here were more interested in reporting the news than their egos are in shaping it.

You see, Lefty, I don't care what you "think."  Nor does the rest of this community.

Your job is to report the news.  Becoming the local version of Josef Goebbels isn't part of the description.

And every time you whine about background checks or, for that matter, anyone working for you snivels about them, know this: your efforts to impinge on our rights can easily result in efforts to impinge on yours.

And I'm pretty sure that none of you in that profession you dishonor would like that one bit.

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Pete Masterson said...

If the liberal/lefties REALLY want to "control guns" ... why don't they put it in their platform that they wish to confiscate guns from all who are not police or military? The Democrats could introduce an amendment to the Constitution to remove the Second Amendment and leave it to the local, state, and federal legislatures to do whatever they wish about guns.

Oh, right. It would be political suicide.

So the lies go on.